Carnal Limits of an Honourable Man

After going through 5 strenuous days of a pre-service patriotism camp for government servants, I have to say that I am quite impressed!
I have gained a good understanding of the constitution & foundation of our country.
I hate history but I am glad that I learned a bit of it because those who do not know history are prone to letting history repeat itself.
I dont want to let bad history repeat itself...
However, I am not here to comment on the content or implementation of the camp.

I am here to comment on something I observed in a man.
I have observed a shameless display of carnal desire in one of the camp facilitators.
This caused me to look into myself & wonder...
Will I be like him in the future?

I dont know about other men but I am a man with needs...
This need surfaced during puberty & grew significantly as a developed into a man.
At this moment, I am a humble uncorrupted individual.
Therefore, I carry myself with honour & self-control.
But a few years down the road, once I have some wealth, influence & power, will I still be so honourable?
Or will I start collecting public titles of respect to mask my inner corruption?

I witnessed this facilitator who is well-decorated with titles make a mockery of them.
I witnessed someone entrusted with the responsibility of enlightening us shift our focus from patriotism to sexual tension.
I watched this married man with 2 children profess to the whole student population that he is a "lover of women".
I watched as he left the small group under his care to walk around the camp & interfere with other groups.
I saw his creepy eyes scouting for eye candy every time he walked by my group.
I watched with great anger the smirk of pleasure on his face every time he got the student population to go along with one of his many cunning dirty jokes.

He is a facilitator at a camp essential to building national unity & harmony.
He is an Ustaz & a Muslim who has completed the Hajj.
He can quote the Quran without much effort.
He maintains the image of a knowledgable & rich man.

Is someone like this supposed to:
- shamelessly use words with sexual connotations?
- ask for the phone numbers of attractive female students?
- walk around with an air of pride & aloofness?
- blatantly show off expensive possessions?

I dont think so.

If I were a woman, I wouldn't find him desirable at all...
One, he is not good looking. (Rules out a one-night-stand.)
Two, he is too full of himself. (Rules out a romantic relationship.)
Three, I cannot trust him with my heart. (Rules out marriage.)

I really do hope the pressure & difficulty in life does not push me to become a sleazy old man.
This sleazy facilitator gave me the shock of my life.
I never knew such a man would exist in this world.
Now I know what not to become...
Now I know which path not to take lest I end up like him.

There is only one such facilitator in the whole team.
I have met most of the other facilitators & they all seem to be normal law-abiding citizens doing their part for their beloved country.
And one of them had a personality so awesome it's exemplary.

I will choose to walk on a path similar to theirs, if not better...
I will not let a few bad apples cloud my judgement.
The camp was great & the lessons planned out for us were great too.
And from this post, you can see that the horny facilitator taught me a lesson that is even greater.


  1. men who cannot control their carnal desires are everywhere. sigh.

    read this:

  2. sick dude !
    glad there is still normal guys in the 21st century

  3. i think i hate him...

    i hate this kind of ppl!!!!!

    by the way.. i will do my best in the SPM...

    Haha.. english paper 1 asking an essay question: MY PERFECT FUTURE HUSBAND or WIFE!!!

    haha.. i did chose this question to write!!

  4. This man is completely disgusting. He's got no real respect for women, especially for his wife and children.

    And what about men who wolf-whistle and cat call?

  5. 'WTF! enough said! *grumbles, grumbles*

  6. phew...altho ive been hearing such similar stories on a daily basis, but still, everytime i hear a new one, i still find it insanely disgusting! ptuih2... *puke*. what more when such a man is carrying with him the name of his race, religion, status, education system, family background, etc2... it's such a shame. no need to look further up in kelantan jarod... ustaz dlm ipba pn ada mcm tu... cuma xbrani wat dlm ipba sgt je.. woooopppss.. maybe ive said too much! hahaha...

  7. Hi Jarod,

    he might be a muslim, can quote quran easily (this part is a bit frightening, quoting easily can also mean, use it carelessly!) and did his Hajj but he might not practising Islam (from what i can read in your entry).

    You can be a muslim but not all muslims practice Islam. I just think that the title 'ustaz' should only be given to those who really deserve it. The beginners should only be called as Cikgu/Guru Agama because in te past, not all people dare to use such a title unless they are acknowledged by other people. Shame on that guy for not being a good example.

    btw if you become a person with a title one day, dont forget to update your blog ok.

  8. Fran:
    Well these people have graduated into putting thoughts into action...
    This fellow is like a little boy who has just discovered a new toy!

    Tell me about it...

    On the surface, many guys seem normal...
    But once you study them or get to know them...

    I hope that you didnt write about this man as your perfect husband!

    I have observed mamats cat calling & wolf-whistling.
    I find that they are just poking fun because they know that they will definately get rejected.
    Furthermore, they dont advertise their 'awesome ability' to satisfy women.

    The facilitator has the power to penalise us if we 'disrespect' him.
    Furthermore, it doesnt take a genius to figure out his double meanings.
    He is the true menace to society.

    Take it easy, girl...
    Nothing we can do about him now...

    Actually, this guy is from Melaka...
    And the IPBA guy... everyone knows he's perverted...

    I'm beginning to think that titles dont mean a thing.
    Because often times titles can be bought...

    If I get a title, I'll be sure to let everyone know on my blog~
    But I'm a simple man, I might not even get one...

  9. Shame on him for using his religious title. I have no respect for people like him. If it is true that heaven and hell exist, I hope he burns in hell.

  10. oh ...
    maybe when i am older ...
    i shall study them ...

  11. my future husband must be very perfect!!!!

    -Good intention

    definitely not like him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well that's what we call douschebags! that old man might think when he's wealthy and stuffs,(they thought money and name will rot with them in hell) girls will get attracted to him.. but gosh!! its au contraire!! i've met some same type of old man.. they're teachers, bus drivers, cleaners etc, and there are just alot of them!! (barfs)

    anyways, i believe that u won't be like that dousche in future. u dun have any potential at all to be like that old disgusting man.. :D

  13. thank you for this entry, jarod because i was personally "harassed" (if i may rightfully use this word because that was how i felt).

    Kept on asking the lot of us irrelevant questions, can't help but to snigger at his apparent idiotic manners.

    I wonder why he's as such.. maybe he wasn't a happy child...

  14. Ophelia:
    I hope that he learns from his mistake before that!

    Yes, women should study men...
    Just like how we study you.


    Thanks, Jess...
    They are everywhere but I did not expect one of them to be a facilitator in a B-T-N camp.

    I wasn't sure if any of you were as deeply offended as I was.
    I took all his nonsense with patience but I got really angry when he came up with the 'bola' song.
    I wanted to stage a walk out...
    But changed my mind when I saw many of my friends enjoying it & going along with it...

    Thinking back I'm glad I didnt...
    They might fail me for that!

  15. Gosh.. u can say that again.. I witness a White cap man (Don't have to so obvious lah) walked pass the coffee shop im at, headed towards the brothel house and before he went up, took off his WHITE CAP... disgust me to the bones when ppl showed how holy they are and condemn others of sinning.. but they do it themselves... haiz..... sad sad...

  16. Yup...
    We have to bear in mind that in this imperfect world, things are not what they seem to be...

  17. Omg...'pencinta wanita'...he's a nightmare. I felt sexually harassed that first time he introduced himself as a 'lover of women'. And then he continued with those innuendos and double-entendres...
    And to top it off, he harassed me personally, always blocking my path for a 'chat' and asking for my number. God.
    *shiver* Gave me the creeps that one.

  18. i pity his wife.

    have you heard what they did to some of us, after the course.

    one of them did contact us tru fon. and try to menggatal2! they did violate their kuasa of having our contact number and details and contact us.

    it's totally WRONG!

  19. Diyana:
    I never knew that he would go to that extent...

    He stopped you for a chat?
    If I was there, I'd grill his ass.

    And I thought KISSM was bad...
    I hope none of you guys gave in to their demands!


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