Wednesday, August 22

Materazzi Finally Reveals Zidane Headbutt Insult

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final in Germany between France & Italy, an incident occurred where legendary French footballer Zinedine Zidane was sent off with an immediate red card following his headbutt of Italian defender Marco Materazzi. This occurred after both players exchanged a few words.

There has been a great ammount of controversy regarding the discourse that occured because neither men revealed what was really said. Various newspapers even hired lip readers to find out what was really said. There was never anything concrete because different lip readers would interpret different things.

Zidane said that it was an insult to his family while Materazzi only revealed that it was an insult & appologized. Only recently was the truth disclosed! As publicity for his autobiography, Materazzi revealed that he has recorded the incident in his soon to be published book. A news report tells us the whole story...

Materazzi was tugging on Zidane's shirt while defending as a normal defender would. After that, Zidane looked Materazzi snobbishly from top to bottom and said that if he wanted his shirt so much, he can have it after the game. Materazzi responded by stating he would rather have Zidane's whore of a sister. A headbutt followed.

The story is finally told!
Check out the headbutt again! Priceless!

Friday, August 17

Arise Church Camp 2007

One week ago, from the 10th to the 12th of August, I took part in the 2 days 2 nights 2007 Church Camp run by Arise Church Wellington. The guest speaker for the camp was Pastor Phil Pringle of Christian City Church in Australia. The church he leads has got a great vision to build 1000 churches with an average of 500 people all over the world. After listening to him speak, I find that he is a great speaker with profound understanding of God's character.

He spoke about the 7 keys of faith during camp. What struck me most from what he said during camp was what he said about God's perspective on time and God's desire to give us our heart's desires. He used a simple illustration with his hands to describe how God views time in an individual's life. I will attempt to illustrate it with this picture.

God views you life like that. He sees the whole thing at once. He knows the start of your life until the end of your life. So if God declares you a warrior when you are weak & timid, like what he did to Gideon (Judges 6:12), he is not being false. This is because he sees your begining, your present & your future. Therefore He does not lie when He says you are healed when you are sick or injured. Nor does He lie when He calls a prostitute pure & loved by Him. How amazing is this God...

Ps. Phil also illustrated something that echoes with something that has been in my heart for a long time. God looks at our heart and one of the reasons for doing so is to grant us our heart's desires. He does not respond to need. He responds to desire. Ps. Phil illustrates this by describing his family. Every morning when his children wake up, they don't say, "thanks daddy for this bed we slept on, this selter we safely sleep under and the wonderful shower & toilet provided for us". And when the get to the kitchen they won't say, "oh, wow, we get cereal and milk too?!" God knows our needs and we need not worry whether He will meet it (Mat 6:25-34)!
One day while walking past a surfboard shop with his son, he noticed his son drooling over the surfboard on display. After looking at the price tag, he drags his son away from the shop. But secretly returns later to buy the surfboard for his son. When he brought it back to his son, the boy got up, pointed at his father and said, "You the man." Like a generous loving father, God knows our desires and will supply them when we seek first his kingdom & his righteousness. (Mat 7:9-11, Matt 6:33)

Worship was awesome as usual. People were given a degree of freedom during worship. You can jump around, clap, dance and make loud singing/cheering noises. I did all of that... so did most of the congregation.
We are not dancing for the band nor are we worshipping the music. The worship team only leads us in worship. Never should they take the place of God. Nor should the music take the place of God. It is a medium of worship. We sing those songs because the lyrics relate to us and what we want to say to God. We were lost but now is found and given a great vision for the future! We are also given time in between songs to sing our own songs to God.

One of the highlights of camp was the Talent Quest. Frank Hsu (Taiwan) & I, Jarod Yong (Malaysia) was given a mandate by Grace Zhang (China & Korea) to produce rap lyrics for a 3 minute & 16 second beatbox of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D. The video for the beatbox is quite impressive.

Here is the video to our rap act. Even though there were some technical problems that hampered our presentation, like the volume being too soft, the mike not functioning & the time limit. We had a great time performing & our energy was awesome! We had a supportive crowd too! Check it out! =D

Arise Church Camp rocks!
We get to have a good time & spend time away from it all seeking God!

Tuesday, August 14


namewee (明志) recently posted a song he created based on the Malaysian national anthem on the internet and recieved great criticism from the Malaysian media. While doing the research on the negarakuku song, I found that the national anthem could be based on the tune of Mamula moon.

The Malaysian media claims that he has insulted nation, race, religion and might have even broken some Malaysian laws. His response on his blog was an apologetic one trying to get people to understand that his song was not created to insult the nation. Read it by clicking here.

I don't think people should be insulted by his form of statement of fact. Among the issues brought up are the traffic policeman who are corrupt, government workers who are lazy, Azan singers who go out of tune, Malays who abuse government support & systems where a single race is favoured more than others.
These people should not feel insulted. They should admit to what they are doing and seek to improve themselves. I dont like police who ask for bribes, government workers who make people wait unnecessarily, Malays who abuse the benefits they receieve from the government & people who do things unfairly. And neither should anyone else. These people will have to improve one day, why not make it today?

We have to put these issues into prespective as well. Not all policemen are looking for bribes and I know that the government under Badawi is working hard and having a good level of success in crubing this form of corruption. Also, not all government workers are slow and uncaring towards the waiting public. However, there is much to be improved here. Furthermore, Azan singers rarely go out of tune. There is great training & screening before someone is allowed to sing for the public. Furthermore, the singers I have heard so far have not. I also know of Malays, Chinese & Indians who are able very passionately patriotic and willing to pay back the benefits they recieved and serve the country. I can also understand the governments tendancy to give more support to the Malays because of their lower income & higher population. Hopefully, once the race matures & becomes prosperous, the government will support other communities.

This is probrably the publicity he has been looking for since he started writing songs!
The attention from politicians may also be due to the new elections coming up!
Your song is truly like a durian, it can be very smelly and also very fragrant at the same time.
Awesome work of art!

Check it out the video & tell me what you think.

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