Materazzi Finally Reveals Zidane Headbutt Insult

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final in Germany between France & Italy, an incident occurred where legendary French footballer Zinedine Zidane was sent off with an immediate red card following his headbutt of Italian defender Marco Materazzi. This occurred after both players exchanged a few words.

There has been a great ammount of controversy regarding the discourse that occured because neither men revealed what was really said. Various newspapers even hired lip readers to find out what was really said. There was never anything concrete because different lip readers would interpret different things.

Zidane said that it was an insult to his family while Materazzi only revealed that it was an insult & appologized. Only recently was the truth disclosed! As publicity for his autobiography, Materazzi revealed that he has recorded the incident in his soon to be published book. A news report tells us the whole story...

Materazzi was tugging on Zidane's shirt while defending as a normal defender would. After that, Zidane looked Materazzi snobbishly from top to bottom and said that if he wanted his shirt so much, he can have it after the game. Materazzi responded by stating he would rather have Zidane's whore of a sister. A headbutt followed.

The story is finally told!
Check out the headbutt again! Priceless!

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