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An Early Happy New Year!

taken from Bad news. Dear colleagues, there is no internet at school. If there is no internet at school, I will have to access it in Sibu or Song. I do not plan to spend the weekend away from school until at least a fortnight so if the internet is not fixed by then, I won't be on FB or my blog. There will be absolutely no way to communicate with me whatsoever. If I was eaten by a crocodile, nobody would know for 2 weeks until I update my status or blog about it. I R Chief! I will be going back to my ulu school earlier than most to prepare for the coming year. I need to check on the hostel repair works & prepare the paperwork for the hostels as I am the Chief Warden. The prefects are coming back on 1 Jan so I want everything planned & ready for their execution before then. I have a very good feeling about next year because the new F5 students show tremendous potential. Hopefully, with my capable team of wardens, we can mould them into student

A Singaporean Christmas

taken from I'll be in Singapore for the Christmas weekend. Sorry to all my friends & family who hoped to party with me on Christmas eve. Maybe next year, okay? I'll be exploring the infamous Christmas wonderland transformed Singapore. Hopefully, I'll meet a hot chick or two. **fingers crossed** Definitely will NOT be shopping... I hope. Have a good one everyone! Remember that Christmas was brought to us through the sacrifice of one man & it made all the difference. Merry Christmas! =D

SBPA: Now Every Civil Servant Can Be Rich... er!!

The way this transition to SPBA was handled, kind of feels like a get rich quick scheme. They promise you the moon ( naik gaji up to 40% , kenaikan gaji tahunan up to RM300 & it's apparently the best in the world ), they rush you (15 days), they offer you high returns that are not guaranteed (no official jadual gaji released to date) & refuse to give you details besides big nice sounding words or bombastic acronyms because it's "sulit". These ivory tower policy makers either think that we do not have any other choice or they're afraid too many people will sign up. Anyway, they spent RM2bil on SPBA . Imagine the zeros. One of them gives it to us straight . We never force you. You want, you sign la. Not happy, don't sign la. Back in 2002 , when people had to decide on SSM, they were given 30 days to do so. I think this should be the minimum because they had to decide on their long-term financial future. They probably had to discuss it with th

koko's 2011 Kapit Run - Day 2

Day 2 - 5.30pm, Friday, 18 November 2011 Today, I donned my climacool armour, put on my trusty Asics boots & set out to explore the unknown lands beyond the mystic arc of which was etched this warning: "Selamat Datang ke Kampung Muhibbah Beleteh Kapit". I saw it during Day 1 , got very interested, but didn't have the time then. Kompleks Kerajaan Negeri Kapit another severely underutilised overly air-conditioned buildings built with an eye to the super distant future On my way, I explored the commercial lots before stumbling upon a massive castle. It was the biggest in the land. A majestic green giant shining in the setting sun. All the tribal leaders have an office here. They have meetings here too. Storm clouds were gathering so I admired the castle from afar & made haste on my journey. At last, I arrived at Kampung Muhibbah Beleteh Kapit. Most of the villagers were friendly. Most smiled at me while a few even greeted me. The local populac

koko's 2011 Kapit Run - Day 1

select 'view image' to see the plan in more detail (2MB+) A few weeks ago, I told a friend of mine: Once in a while, you've got to do something crazy to remind yourself that you are a living breathing human being. Not some robot doing the same old routine every day. Since I have to be in Kapit for most of the next 2 weeks, why not make the best of it? Do something out of this world yet constructive that can only be done here. Well, I've decided to run every paved road in Kapit. Don't think it's crazy enough? Take a good look at the map. MAGNIFIED. I've drawn-out a plan & I'll stick to it unless there is bad weather or I'm left with only 1 leg. If you're in Kapit, feel free to join me. This is a monumental moment for me so I will share the story... the story of koko's Kapit Run ... of 1 man in 1 town with 1 mission. (If you thought about 1Malaysia, like I know you did, you're a bloody moron.) Day 1 - 5.30pm, Thursda