A Singaporean Christmas

taken from mike2.com
I'll be in Singapore for the Christmas weekend.
Sorry to all my friends & family who hoped to party with me on Christmas eve.
Maybe next year, okay?

I'll be exploring the infamous Christmas wonderland transformed Singapore.
Hopefully, I'll meet a hot chick or two. **fingers crossed**
Definitely will NOT be shopping... I hope.

Have a good one everyone!
Remember that Christmas was brought to us through the sacrifice of one man & it made all the difference.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Enjoy Ah Kam & the merriest of Christmas to you and your family! =)

  2. enjoy your hols and blessed christmas! :)

  3. Just wondering...why is it infamous?

  4. Merry Christmas and enjoy yrhols in S'pore and the 'hot' chick. :)

  5. I want to see pictures of Singapore

  6. Merry Christmas, though I'm a little late haha! Hope you had a good time in Singapore:)

  7. PohLin: Thanks, Popo!

    Felicia: Thanks!

    Jo: Coz the author is giving you hints about his disposition.

    Beng: No pics yet. Maybe in 2 weeks time.

    Hannah: I did! And a Merry Christmas back to you too!


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