An Early Happy New Year!

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Bad news. Dear colleagues, there is no internet at school.

If there is no internet at school, I will have to access it in Sibu or Song.
I do not plan to spend the weekend away from school until at least a fortnight so if the internet is not fixed by then, I won't be on FB or my blog. There will be absolutely no way to communicate with me whatsoever.
If I was eaten by a crocodile, nobody would know for 2 weeks until I update my status or blog about it.

I R Chief!
I will be going back to my ulu school earlier than most to prepare for the coming year. I need to check on the hostel repair works & prepare the paperwork for the hostels as I am the Chief Warden.
The prefects are coming back on 1 Jan so I want everything planned & ready for their execution before then.

I have a very good feeling about next year because the new F5 students show tremendous potential. Hopefully, with my capable team of wardens, we can mould them into student leaders.
Though they come from poverty & lack exposure, I believe they are meant for great things.

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For those of you who are in the know, I'll also be spending my birthday in my ulu school.
For 2 years, I had to go to school the day AFTER my birthday which was already a real big bummer but, this time, I'm going back BEFORE so no words can describe how big a bum this one is.
No cell coverage so don't waste your time texting or calling. Just send me a flying kiss or, even better, BLESS ME WITH PRAYER.
No internet so I wont be able to thank the once-in-a-year well-wishers on FB or on my blog.

I'll be celebrating my birthday & the new year with a very special someone in school this Saturday. I'll blog about it in time & you'll also get to know this person whom I spent a lot of money to get to my ulu school.

Talking about stuff I want to blog about... There's so much!
My Singapore trip, the rest of my Kapit run, me in fashion contacts &, not to forget, there's a new series I'm going to start writing about. Look out for those soon!

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To my parents & siblings, I love you & thanks for making my 2 week break a good one. I really appreciate you guys even though we are not perfect but we make do with what we have.
To all my greatest friends out there, I love you & thanks for being there whenever I call or need you. You guys are the best support system I have & it's too bad I cant access you guys in the ulu.
To all my awesome friends out there, let's be an inspiration to each other!
To all my students, you're the reason I exist. I'll try not to be so hard on you this year... TRY.
To all my colleagues, let's get down & get jiggy wit' it!


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