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Always Use Protection

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how I met my girlfriend & got together with her. We've been together for 3 months now &, even though we only meet once a fortnight, our relationship is still going strong. Being away from each other for such long periods only makes the eventual embrace even more passionate & euphoric.

Having a girlfriend may be the unrealised dream of many men, but it must be taken very seriously as it is truly dangerous business. Girlfriends like mine have taken the lives of many single men & those of married men. So you really have to be careful if you want to ride one.

Every time I ride my girlfriend, I make sure that I always use protection. There is no such thing as too much protection. Especially when I take my girlfriend on looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong rides to distant lands.

Biking is a lot of fun. Esp when you bike has more than enough power for your speed fix. Honestly, I overtook every car on the road with total ease!

Meaningful Rewards In Sibu

push my students hard so it's only right that I reward them well.
This is the 3rd consecutive time I've rewarded my school's PMR students who have scored A in the English paper. I started this in 2011 & did another in 2012. I also rewarded straight A PMR students with a trip to Kuching earlier this year.
All with the same purpose: To give my students a reward big enough (students rarely get to go to Sibu due to a poor socio-economic background) to jolt them out of their comfort zones & entice them to aim higher & work harder in the exams (English can be considered a near useless foreign language here where the Iban language is the lingua franca).

Obtaining great exams results is really important for my students who do not have the money or connections to catapult them in life. They are dependent on government/private sector grants & scholarships.
This is why I really push them hard to do well in their exams. Even if it is just PMR, A lesser exam if compa…

How To Break Teachers

Have you ever wondered where do GOOD teachers come from?
You know, those who are committed & motivated. They have a purpose & know what they want.
Are they born? Or, are they made?
If they were born, then is there any hope for common people like you & I?
If they were made, how?

On the other hand, where do BAD teachers come from?
Those who are Tai Chi experts & who consistently produce sub-standard or half-hearted work.
Do they make a conscious decision every morning to be the way they are?
Or, are they merely victims of consequence & external factors acting upon them?

How can we prevent ourselves from descending into such depths?
Is it possible for those of us who have fallen into the pit to claw our way back out?

I like to think that 90% of teachers start out with the best of intentions. They want to do a good job & provide a halal income for their family. They try to do what they can & we should not expect more from them.
As time goes by, what happens to…