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A Birthday Gift From MFS & Friends

3 weeks ago, I was exhausted after reading more essays than humanly possible. My mind began to wander & I started wondering how wonderful it'll be if was able to get 7000 likes on my birthday in 3 weeks. As a joke, I made this post because I didn't believe it would happen. Little did I know...

that Cikgu Mohd Fadli Salleh aka Cikgu Korea aka #MFS would see it & write about me to his 290k++ extremely active followers...

Can you guess what happened after that?

Within minutes, I received my birthday wish & the icing on the cake was the 1100++ likes that came in the following days. He has certainly built a lot of trust within his community & is able to mobilize them better than any politician.

I first met MFS during a 2018 Jawatankuasa Kecil Jawatankuasa Kajian Dasar Pendidikan Negara meeting in KL &, since then, have benefited from the information & insights he has shared on his Facebook profile. He is a very seasoned influencer with views that are very mo…

What I Learned From The 2019 Global Leadership Summit

I love events that help me to grow as a person & as a leader, especially when I can just be a participant & learn from great people who have made a mark in their careers. Even better when opportunities like these are held locally rather than in West Malaysia. Those opportunities are beyond my reach now that I have a kid.

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day world-class leadership conference held in Illinois every August, which is also broadcast LIVE to hundreds of satellite locations in North America. In the following months, broadcasts of the Summit also take place at 900+ sites in 135 countries. They also have tools available for free, like the GLSnext app, to facilitate the application & habit-formation of what was learned.
Check out their videos here:

The 2019 Global Leadership Summit Kuching (English) was organized by GLS - East Malaysia at Good News Fellowship, during the school holidays. Michelle & I were able…

Visit Sarawak Like Moonshot Academy, Beijing!

What Is Moonshot Academy?Moonshot Academy is a private school in Beijing that attempts to address... "What is the future? The origin of MSA stems from a constant inquiry on this question. Scientific advancement is changing the traditional professional system. Those seemingly popular jobs are overtaken by machines at an exponential speed. Climate challenge has turned from an allegedly irrelevant issue to a concrete and factual challenge. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has proposed "strengthening moral education and cultivating people" as the fundamental mission; more and more educators are asking the essential meaning of education. We, living in the present while looking beyond the future, decide to embark on this journey by initiating a future-oriented education project."

Dikecam Lagi Kerana Mempertahankan Guru BI Bukan Opsyen

Walaupun saya cuba sedaya upaya untuk meningkatkan kebolehan bahasa Inggeris saya, memang akan adanya banyak sesilapan & kekurangan juga. Selepas saya berkongsi tentang usaha saya untuk melibatkan murid-murid saya dalam kem BI, saya masih lagi dikecam oleh beberapa netizen dalam group ibubapa ini. Mungkin adanya rasa dendam daripada usaha saya untuk mempertahankan guru BI bukan opsyen awal bulan tadi:

Saya juga telah menyeru agar semua pihak BLOCK laman-laman web yang mengaut keuntungan daripada isu viral tersebut:

Human Chain Word Race: Vocabulary Activity

This is a vocabulary game I came up with for the 2019 Sarawak State English-In-Camp at SMK Santubong. The school had a scenic view of Mt Santubong & plenty of open spaces, so I wanted the participants to be enjoying nature outdoors while engaging their kinesthetic intelligence. Alas, it was scorching hot that afternoon, so we did the activity under a shade.

I'm also proud to announce that my school participated in BOTH the district & state level English-In-Camps for the first time under my watch! Moving closer to the goal of "membudayakan Bahasa Inggeris" at my school!

Human Chain Word Race

Support For DLP Math & Science Teachers

In 2020, Sarawak will spearhead the teaching of Mathematics & Science in English (under the DLP program) in 1026 out of 1265 national primary schools. It's happening whether you like it or not. The Ministry of Education has already carried out the training (costing 11 million fully paid for by the Sarawak government) & the teachers assigned to those classes will faithfully carry out their duties, ready or not. Additionally, district education offices have been empowered as the primary support for our teachers (on top of the tons of other stuff they have to do).

Now, here's the bitter truth: If Sarawak fails, the rest of Malaysia can forget about it. Most importantly, the ultimate victims will be OUR CHILDREN & I cannot stand for that. Therefore, it is imperative that ALL MALAYSIANS do what we can to support this program. Together with a few allies of education, here's our small contribution.

Hey! The least you can do is TAG teachers who might be interested &am…

Students Participated in District & State English-In-Camps

This picture is truly worth a thousand words. Before this picture could even be taken & those half-hearted smiles immortalized, a story has already developed. This picture documents my school's inaugural participation at the Kuching District-Level English-In-Camp, despite multiple reiterations over the years.

The perennial issue has been our students have extremely low proficiency in English to benefit from such things & demanding training schedules which should not be missed lest the wrath of the coaches be incurred. Also, the paperwork for arranging transportation & getting parental consent is an effective deterrent, not to mention the slight possibility of being thrown under the bus if anything unfortunate should happen. This is a classic vicious cycle.


Cara Dapatkan e-Tunai Rakyat RM30 + Bonus Sebanyak RM5

Apakah Program e-Tunai Rakyat? Program e-Tunai Rakyat adalah inisiatif Belanjawan 2020 oleh kerajaan Malaysia untuk menggalakan transaksi tanpa tunai. Sebanyak RM450 juta telah diperuntukkan untuk agihan sekali bernilai RM30 kepada 15 juta rakyat Malaysia yang layak.

Bermula pada Januari 2020, RM30 akan diberikan sekali kepada akaun e-wallet daripada tiga syarikat yang terpilih, iaitu Boost, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, & GrabPay. Tuntutan boleh dibuat dengan syarikat-syarikt tersebut dari 15 Januari 2020 hingga 14 Mac 2020.

Siapakah yang layak untuk program ini?Warganegara Malaysia yang mempunyai MyKadBerumur 18 tahun dan ke atas dalam tahun 2020. Pendapatan tahunan kurang dari RM100,000
Bagaimana untuk mendapat bonus RM5? Dapat ganjaran RM5 dari Boost dengan kod tersebut: yondz9y
Anda perlu melanggan "Premium Wallet" (dengan membenarkan Boost mengambil gambar IC & selfie anda) & belanja RM10 dalam satu transaksiPelanggan semasa Boos…

Laman-Laman Tersebut Untung Daripada "Cyberbully" Seorang Guru

Disclaimer: Mohon maaf atas kekurangan bahasa saya. Minta tunjuk ajar ya! Kalau nak tolong edit, boleh juga!

Pada hari Isnin minggu lepas, nampaklah juga di fb sebuah nota yang ditulis oleh seorang guru BI yang mempunyai kesilapan bahasa yang ketara. Guru juga yang kongiskannya tetapi yang menyedihkan adalah guru itu turut menyindir rakan seperjuangannya. Dalam hati, saya berfikir perbuatan ini seperti meludah ke langit. Tetapi tak apa, biarkan sahaja. Hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Tak lama lagi orang akan lupakan.

Tetapi hari seterusnya isu tersebut telah ditularkan ke ENAM laman web yang dilanganni berjuta-juta orang. Maka bacalah saya apa yang mereka tularkan itu. Didapati bahawa artikel-artikel tersebut hanyalah "clickbait", berat sebelah, & banyak ditambahnya cili & bawang, TANPA memberikan guru tersebut peluang untuk mempertahankan diri. Tak apa kalau nak tular, tetapi jangan sahaja berat sebelah. Masa itulah saya rasa agak panas kerana tindakan mereka ini tidak adi…

Radio Nyawa Sarawak Interview (In BM): A Message For Teachers, Parents, & Students

I was recently interviewed by Radio Nyawa Sarawak (previously Radio Free Sarawak) & the interview was conducted in BM! I listened to it &, thankfully, I didn't embarrass myself so that's my I don't mind sharing it with you! Siapa nak dengar BM pelik saya, rebutlah peluang ini! LOL!!!

I recorded a message from my heart for teachers, parents, & students. I got so emotional talking about my pride for my students, I even cried during recording. I talked about the challenges at pedalaman schools. I also left some practical tips for rural parents who have to work far away from home. Education is a massive wicked problem & we need all hands on deck to work on it.

Listen to the radio program here:
My segment begins at 17:30.

Radio Nyawa Sarawak has been essential in exposing corruption, land-grabs, encroachment on forest reserves, & other abuses against Sarawak's rural communities. Let's support the…

Teacher Was Cyberbullied Because Of Their English

UPDATE: After communicating with the parent, I found that I HAVE NOT BEEN FAIR TO THE PARENT in this post. Therefore, I have made several amendments in light of new information & will post about the parent's experience as well as a serious call to action. Still, I am interested in hearing the teacher's side of the story to balance things out.

What did the teacher do to deserve this? To be publicly shamed on so many websites (World of Buzz, Mashable SEA, Says, AsiaOne, RedChilli21 MY, Mothership SG, etc) & to be on the receiving end of toxic comments on social media?

Is it because the teacher has lower English proficiency than all of you? I'm sure you realize that English proficiency is a marker of privilege & not one of intelligence, right? Do you know the teacher's background? How do you know that the teacher & the others you're shaming in the comments aren't working hard to improve their English? What have you done to help this teacher do bett…