What I Learned From The 2019 Global Leadership Summit

I won "Fight", a book about winning battles that matter most from Craig Groeschel!
I love events that help me to grow as a person & as a leader, especially when I can just be a participant & learn from great people who have made a mark in their careers. Even better when opportunities like these are held locally rather than in West Malaysia. Those opportunities are beyond my reach now that I have a kid.

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day world-class leadership conference held in Illinois every August, which is also broadcast LIVE to hundreds of satellite locations in North America. In the following months, broadcasts of the Summit also take place at 900+ sites in 135 countries. They also have tools available for free, like the GLSnext app, to facilitate the application & habit-formation of what was learned.
Check out their videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/wcavideo/videos

The 2019 Global Leadership Summit Kuching (English) was organized by GLS - East Malaysia at Good News Fellowship, during the school holidays. Michelle & I were able to attend with the Super Early Bird group rate. Yeah, things are a little tight thanks to the little one. #TriftLife
GLS Kuching (English) Photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GLSEastMalaysia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3494914047187253

There was an impressive lineup of speakers for this year's summit, but the organizers didn't just play a few videos for us to sit back & passively watch. We processed what we heard with a professionally printed workbook & shared our thoughts with fellow participants in small groups. There's really no room to be passive. We really had to listen & participate throughout the day.
Here's a useful summary of what the speakers shared:

Honestly, I benefited more from GLS than I expected. Their catchy tagline of "Everyone has influence" rings true for what I believe for the children that I work with at school. Sad thing is their entire lives revolve around sports, at the expense of academic & leadership development opportunities. I believe that I am placed at the school to broaden horizons & stretch expectations. Therefore, I was inspired to bring 5 students from my school to attend & benefit from GLS 2020 next year. In order to enjoy Super-duper Early Bird prices, I paid for their admission in advance with hopes of securing funding from YB Dr Kelvin Yii, our local MP, & spending the year keeping an eye open for 5 emergent leaders at my school.

This is what my students can look forward to in 2020:

If you're looking for an opportunity to develop yourself personally & professionally, do consider GLS2020.
Disclaimer: GLS is a leadership summit that doesn't touch on religion. Note that it is organized by a Christian organization & is usually held in a church building.

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