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Challenge: #includeMalaysia this 2020

Source:     In 2018, I had the privilege of representing the Global Malaysian Network (GMN) in a Malaysia Day celebration with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yang Bhg Dato Saifuddin Abdullah . I presented the 2018 Project Hari Malaysia video & shared about how GMN came to be. During the event, I was suddenly pulled aside for an impromptu video. After 3 horrible takes with an extremely patient press officer, thankfully the fourth one was acceptable. It's at the very end of the video, so wait for it... It'll be worth it. Trust me. In the video, I called for inclusion. In our lives. For Malaysians to include people from different backgrounds. Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya, & around the world. This call is still necessary come 2020, when our nation still seems so divided along racial & religious lines, with perennial threats of another May 13 incident. Therefore, as we enter the year of Wawasan 2020 ,