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koko' Can Coach Cricket

This whole week from Tuesday to Friday, 8am - 5pm, was spent with representatives from the Malaysian Cricket Association.
They conducted an intensive Cricket coaching course & it was indeed a very fruitful one!

We were also given a book as a resource for coaching & I dare say, it is a very very well written & illustrated book.
"Successful Cricket Coaching: The Aussie Way" from the Australian Cricket Board.

Cricket is a very technical & complicated game but once I got the hang of it, I loved it.
Here is a general description of the game...
Cricket is played on a large oval-shaped field with a "cricket pitch" in the middle.
There are 2 opposing teams.
One team will "field" while the other will "bat".
After a few "overs", the teams will switch roles.
The objective of the game is to score as many "runs" as possible.
"Runs" can only be scored while a team is "batting".
Lots of technical terms, …

As She Walks By

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Caught her looking at me as she enters the room
I looked back in return, back into her eyes
She keeps her composure, not looking away
Then she smiles, a very genuine smile
Surprised & taken aback, I couldn't help but return her smile

For a moment, we were fixed in another world
Posessing a new language of which to speak
A conversation of smiling & that of gazing
The seconds pass like minutes with no ending
Neither looked away, as she walks by

Euphoria & confusion the moment concieved
The sweetest girl
And the sweetest moment
Yet not the right girl
At not the right moment

Captive was my heart
As well was my sleep
Dreaming though awake of the moment so sweet
This silent moment will never be forgot
Though fruitless is cherished in writing for eternity

07/08 Serie A Ends: Inter is Champion; Milan is 5th

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After last night's fixtures, Inter Milan have won their 16th Scudetto Trophy!
They are top of the 2007/2008 Italian Serie A after beating FC Parma2-0.
2nd placed AS Roma only managed to draw 1-1 in their game with Catania Calcio.
Newly promoted Juventus FC is at an impressive 3rd place.
Juventus was relegated to the Serie B last season after being found guilty of match fixing & referee bribing. This situation forced them to sell many star players but they pulled together to win the 2006/2007 Serie B & be promoted to the 2007/2008 Serie A.
From their performance in the Serie A this season, they have proven themselves to be truly a resilient side.

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Despite winning against Udinese4-1, AC Milan were still unable to attain 4th place in the Serie A because Fiorentina, who was & currently is 4th place, also won their game against Torino, 1-0.
Milan failed to qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League but 5th pl…

How Teacher's Day Should Be Celebrated

This year's Teacher's Day in IPBA, the institute I'm finishing my degree in, was organised by my cohort, the 2nd cohort from the 2nd cycle of the B.Ed.TESL overseas link programme.
Since returning from our degree stint overseas, this was the first event we were given the opportunity to manage.
There were many challenges in the process of organising this event but the whole cohort pulled together, stuck together & shared the burden.
Therefore, it is only fair that the glory & praise be shared as well.
Cohort 2, you are truly great!

Teacher's Day in IPBA was held on the 16th of May.
Here is a little glimpse at what the 2008 IPBA Teacher's Day organised by Cohort 2 was like...

Teacher's Day Decorations
We decorated our institute for Teacher's Day.

There was a banner at the front door, welcoming the students & lecturers.

There were also posters set up from the entrance of the institute to the main entrance of the hall where we would have our Tea…

Congratulations Manchester United! But, Inter? Try Harder... And you too, Milan...

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A few hours ago, Manchester United FC emerged as the 2007/2008 Champions of the English Premier League (Officially known as "Barclays Permier League") after beating Wigan Athletic FC2-0.
This season, Man Utd started well & maintained a good momentum throughout the season. But prior to the last game of the season, they were sharing points with Chelsea FC at the top of the league standings.
Fortunately, they led by goal difference. So if both teams won tonight, Man Utd would still be crowned champions.
But the reality is, Chelsea drew while MU won.
So it's glory glory Man United, I guess...

So for my readers who are in Malaysia, when you go out tomorrow, don't be surprised when you see everybody wearing red jerseys & feeling all so proud of it.
Because 80% of Malayisan football supporters support MU!!!
A piece of good advice I have for the Chelsea supporters is keep your love for your team in your heart. Aviod putting on y…

A Guide to the Filling of Posting Forms for Prospective Malaysian Teachers

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The Context for this Guide:
Time: The Year 2008Country: MalaysiaInstitute: "Institut Perguruan Bahasa-Bahasa Antarabangsa" (International Languages Teacher Training Institute)Applicants: The 2nd Cohort of the Bachelor of Education: Teaching English as a Second Language (Overseas Link) ProgrammeNote: May also be applicable to other teaching courses/applicants/institutes

This pretty much sums up my experience in completing the forms:
> > > > > > >

To prevent you, future teachers from being as frustrated as I was & making as many visits as I did to the Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP or Student Affairs Department) where sometimes everyone is out for morning, mid-morning, afternoon or mid-afternoon tea...
Here is a complilation of all the infomation that has been gathered on the filling of the posting forms.

The forms are:
"Borang Penempatan" (4 copies)"Borang Keselamatan" (3 copies)"Profil Pelajar&…