As She Walks By

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Caught her looking at me as she enters the room
I looked back in return, back into her eyes
She keeps her composure, not looking away
Then she smiles, a very genuine smile
Surprised & taken aback, I couldn't help but return her smile

For a moment, we were fixed in another world
Posessing a new language of which to speak
A conversation of smiling & that of gazing
The seconds pass like minutes with no ending
Neither looked away, as she walks by

Euphoria & confusion the moment concieved
The sweetest girl
And the sweetest moment
Yet not the right girl
At not the right moment

Captive was my heart
As well was my sleep
Dreaming though awake of the moment so sweet
This silent moment will never be forgot
Though fruitless is cherished in writing for eternity


  1. Sunway Pyramid's the location?
    Seems like ur encounter is the same of my encounter with this mysterious girl when i was 15....

  2. I dont think you fully understand the context of the situation described in the poem...
    This girl is someone really really special that we both know...

  3. Jarod you are a hopeless romantic, did you know? haha. it's a blessing really. How I wish the rest of your species have it too.

    But really, i think the sweetest part of any relationship is the moment when you first have that silent conversation. a nervous smile, a glance across the room, just like u wrote. when the smile is returned, you feel on top of the world because you suddenly feel like hey, there is a possibility here.

    but these things fade away too fast too soon. all my life, i have only met one man was true all the way. he made me fall for him with his romantic gestures and up till the day we had to part (due to religion...sadly), he never failed to continue making me fall in love again and again with him.

    and because of this person, I still have hope that I will meet someone like him again.

  4. I dont think you want the rest of the species to be like me...
    I am what I am because of the many mistakes I made + it's consequences...

    Yesterday, I broke a heart that I never meant to break & lost someone I really appreciated...
    Today, I am afraid & tired of a relationship...
    Yet I feel a deep need for one...

    I truly am a HOPELESS romantic...


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