How Teacher's Day Should Be Celebrated

This year's Teacher's Day in IPBA, the institute I'm finishing my degree in, was organised by my cohort, the 2nd cohort from the 2nd cycle of the B.Ed.TESL overseas link programme.
Since returning from our degree stint overseas, this was the first event we were given the opportunity to manage.
There were many challenges in the process of organising this event but the whole cohort pulled together, stuck together & shared the burden.
Therefore, it is only fair that the glory & praise be shared as well.
Cohort 2, you are truly great!

Teacher's Day in IPBA was held on the 16th of May.
Here is a little glimpse at what the 2008 IPBA Teacher's Day organised by Cohort 2 was like...

Teacher's Day Decorations

We decorated our institute for Teacher's Day.

There was a banner at the front door, welcoming the students & lecturers.

There were also posters set up from the entrance of the institute to the main entrance of the hall where we would have our Teacher's Day assembly.
Every class was given the task of designing a poster for Teacher's Day & the response was great!
There were posters that were simple & cute as well as posters that were out-of-the-box & different.

A Teacher's Day kolam was also designed & produced for display at the entrance of the hall.

Teacher's Day Games

Teacher's Day started with games in the morning.
There were 4 games running simultaneously.
Both lecturers & students participated in the 4 games.

One of the games was "Batu Seremban".
In this game, participants were challenged to toss stones with the front of their hands & catch as many of them as they can with the back of their hands.

Then, there was "Chopspik".
In this game, participants were challenged to move oiled marbles with chopsticks from one container to another.

There was also "Win Lose or Draw".
In this game, participants formed groups and had to make as many successful guesses as they can in a limited time frame of what one of their group members is drawing on a white board.

The fourth game was "Pantun Slam".
In this game, two groups (one formed with lecturers & another with students) are judged by an elected panel of judges on their poetic responses to each other's quatrains.
They have to be very skillful in their rhymes & metaphors to win the judges' hearts.
The students won... of course...

Teacher's Day Assembly

We produced a unique programme book for Teacher's Day.
This book is unique because, instead of opening from the side, it opens from the top!
It was adapted from the programme books from a muscial I attended, "Entangled".

Every lecturer & staff member was given roses as they entered the hall.
Attatched is 1 of 3 meaningful quotes:
To appreciate the perseverance of teachers...
"We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope."

-Paul Saul
To remind them of their calling...
"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."

-Woodrow Wilson
To encourage those who think they are insignificant...
"Since most of us spend our lives doing ordinary tasks, the most important thing is to carry them out extraordinarily well."

-Henry David Thoreau

During the event, we deployed 3 SLR snappers & 1 camcorder swinger from Cohort 2.
Photographers: Atiqah, Mien & Hadi
Videographer: Azhar

We invited 2 of IPBA's best student MCs to be the masters of the assembly.
Coincidently, they were from Cohort 2 as well.
They are Aimi & Shawn.

On to the main event!

The VIP ProcessionThis is the Director of IPBA, Dr Mohd. Sofi bin Ali.
He was the VIP for our assembly.

We formed a group of rebana or kompang players, from the men in Cohort 2, to accompany our VIP as he makes his way to the hall.
They were happily singing and drumming at the back of the procession while two young ladies led; carring a palm blossom or bunga manggar each.

Upon arrival to the entrance of the hall.

There was a solo silat presentation by Azhar from Cohort 2.

After the silat presentation, the VIP was given a beautiful fresh flower corsage by the 2008 IPBA Teacher's Day chairman.

The SpeechesAfter everyone was seated & before the event began, Syahir from Cohort 2 recited a du'a to bless our event.
Then, I gave a speech as the representative & chairman of the organising committee.
I spoke on the ability of every teacher to overcome challenges.
I encouraged everyone to take the next step & become more than they currently are.

Then, the President of the Student Representative Council, Wan Muhd Nor Amali Bin Wan Ismail, gave his speech.
He spoke of being a teacher that is true to his words & does his best for the students.

Mr Baharom, Head of the Social Studies Research Unit, read a message from the Minister of Education, YB Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.
He redefines what a teacher is & employs an interesting but relevant quotation from Mahatma Gandhi, ‘if you want to see change, you must be the change you want to see’.

Finally, the Director delivered his speech.
He stressed the importance of teachers & encouraged excellence in teachers.
He was appreciative towards everyone in all levels of education, from the minister of education to the students in IPBA.
He also expressed multiple praises for an excellent Teacher's Day event.

The Performances This video was prepared by Azhar & it depicts the life of 3 teachers to be.
I do recommend watching this video!!
It is really really entertaining!!

Then, there was the Choral Speaking composed & presented by Cohort 2.
It was sweet, fun & witty as it summarises the experience of Cohort 2 with their lecturers.

The assembly ended with another video presentation of what teachers are like.
This cute video was produced by the students of Cohort 2 who have studied in QUT, Brisbane.
This is a good video too!

When the assembly has ended...
As the lecturers leave, they see something special we put up at the end of the assembly...

A banner reads "Thank You, Teacher!".
It is also filled with signatures & messages from every student in Cohort 2!

The 2008 IPBA Teacher's Day was truly a event of grandeur that reflects the importance of teachers in our lives.
Teachers are important for our personal growth and mastery of a discipline...
They should not be neglected & given a 2nd grade celebration during their day of the year...
They should be celebrated & appreciated...
This is how teacher's day should be celebrated.

I hope this event has motivated & encouraged all the lecturers!
Your impact on us will indirectly impact the generations to come...
So do your best!

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