Thursday, October 25

It Really Is Finished!

My university life in Victoria University has finally come to an end with the completion of today's exam.
In a months time, I'll be on a plane leaving this city I've grown to love & appreciate...

What Did I Plan To Do this Year? Have I Done It?

My goals for NZ 2007:
- complete a North Island tour
- complete my degree courses
- have more wasabi
- up my contribution in church
- take my relationship with my Lord Jesus to a deeper level
- speak Japanese fluently (for a foreigner, of course)
- do more one-off jobs to enrich my experience
- make the best of the time i have left!

RED: I have always had it in my heart to dig in deeper with my saviour but somehow never got around to doing it. I'm just going with the flow... but I know in my heart that I want to know Him so much more... This recap is a good reminder that I should start today & I will!

I am able to speak some basic Japanese & pronounce some words close to native-like but I know it will take me more exposure & practise to speak the language fluently. Will need to have even more wasabi.

I am able to complete my degree & travel throughout most of NZ. Which is probrably two of the most important things I should do. I made a lot of meaningful relationships here & these people will definate be missed when I leave...

What else do I want to do before I go?
Now this is the last minute decision I have to make for the short period I have left...

Arranged according to priority:
- settle my tenancy issue
I'm leaving at the end of November but my tenancy contract lasts till December. Currently finding people to take over the house for the short/long term.
We have to at least find 3 people willing to stay in this unfurnished house for a month.
If you are one of these people, please check out our house advert on & please drop me an email or give me a ring.

- be rid of the items I don't want to bring back to Malaysia
The items include the furniture in the house. This is done either by selling them or giving them away.
Have put most of the items on & will have a garage sale near my departure date.

- complete my final performance with the WOW factor
My final performance will be on the evening of 24 Nov for the International Lifegroup Christmas Party. It is my final performance & I want to make it the best performance I have ever done in my life thus far...
I'm working with 3 very passionate & talented individuals to create a sound so strong, emotional & united that it will blow you off your seat...

- bless the most important person to me in NZ
It is wonderful when there is someone special in your life.
It is tragic to find someone so precious & have to leave so soon.
In a short term relationship, the gentle gender usually loses out...
I need to show her that she is special... not just a temporary delight...
even though I have to leave & may never have someone like this again in my life...

- spend time with the people I really connected with
There were many many people I met & worked with during my time here. However, there are only a handful I really clicked with...
I want to spend more time with them & appreciate the special connection we have...
somehow I know that in the process, I will be strengthened...

- ski trip
I've always wanted to ski...
If possible I'd like to go on a ski trip but this is not a priority. It can be missed for any of the above.

It is good to reflect!
Now I have a better idea of what I want to do in this short remaining time!
Do pray for me!

Monday, October 22

Final NZ School Observation

Last week, for 5 days, I was at Tawa College for school obsevations.
My final school observation in NZ.

This time around I decided to proactively interact with students in the classes I observed...
Often helping the teacher with answering questions students had while they were doing exercises as well as positioning myself near students that were being disruptive.
Let me give you some highlights of my week there.

I found a very special disruptive student...
I was following this year 9 class that day & it was a class with hyperactive & noisy students...
Throughout the day, in all the classes, the boys would be noisy & attempt to disrupt the lesson with pointless questions & quarreling with each other...

During one of the last lessons of the day, a Mathematics lesson, I decided to sit beside the noisiest boy.
He was mostly quiet during my stay; which was good. But most surprisingly, when everyone was told to do exercises from a workbook, he finished all of it in half the time everyone else took! And all of his answers were correct! Amazing!

He certainly has potential... I just hope that he realises that before its too late...
Wish him all the best in the future!

taken from

Another interesting story occurred in a year 10 Social Science class...
The teacher had just gone through a test paper that the students had done & was calling out 1 student at a time to his table. He wanted to work out any marking mistakes & then enter the grades into the computer.
I was sitting at the back of the class, working on my school observation report when I saw this boy sitting on the desk of an attractive female classmate.
On the desk, he was holding an imaginary penis with his right hand. He pointed the imaginary penis at her mouth & moved his closed palm back and forth on the imaginary penis as if inviting her to perform fellacio on his imaginary penis. He was enjoying this & smiling at his friends while doing this. She sat there just staring at him not doing anything.

I couldn't just sit & watch something like this happen...
I stood up...
Walked slowly toward the table...
And put my arm around the boy...
Then I asked the young lady, "is this young man bothering you?"
She nodded & said, "yes."
So I asked the young man, "what do you think you should do now?"
He pointed towards his desk...
I smiled & said, "why don't you do that..."
He got off the table & started walking towards his desk...
As he was passing by, I gave him a nice smack in the ass...
Little did I know, the whole class except the teacher was watching our little conversation...
They burst out laughing. Crying, "that's awesome!"
As a result of their noise making, they were grounded for 15 minutes after class...
But for them & for me, it was well worth it.
The boy & I shook hands & reconciled at the end.
I also explained to the teacher what happened.

These school observations gave me a chance to reflect on my personality & find my style of teaching...
I watched different teachers teach in their unique ways...
I watched different students learn in their unique ways...
I watched students react to teachers & I watched teachers react to students...
I learned so much just from watching & thinking how I would do things if I were faced with the same situation...
Last year, I just observed & missed out the whole reflection part...
This year, I am more prepared to do my best...
For the sake of a new generation...

Monday, October 15

A Tribute To Miss Leow: "Thank You"

Miss Leow was an amazing lecturer in IPBA who is as cunning as a fox but as innocent as a dove...
hehe... I adore her!
I want my future wife to have some of her attributes!
She inspires her students with her positive outlook, wisdom & cunning when dealing with
"problem" students. I remember many many funny stories! hehehe...

She is also an advocate for the Christians on campus.
She is a shoulder to lean on for each of us & she also oversees the IPBA ChristianFellowship.
The CF has had a profound impact on my life.
The relationships I built in the CF edified by faith & inspired me to draw closer to God. I have also served regularly in the CF & found truth in the saying "it is more blessed to give, than recieve."
She is truely one of the many people in my life worth remembering & paying tribute to!

A few weeks ago, I was invited by my senior, Nicholas, to produce a 1 minute video that will be put into a DVD that will be presented to Miss Leow as a retirement gift.
I jumped at this opporunity & immediately requested the production of a music video.
It was approved... but...
There was an additional task for this song production, I had to include others that know her.

First, I sent an email invitation to my classmates, the Cohort 2.
None responded except Nesa, my housemate.
Then, I sent an email invitation to my juniors, the Cohort 3.
Nadhilah, Izzati & Audrey responded.

Nesa did the video related stuff.
Nadhilah, Izzati & Audrey told me what they wanted to say to Miss Leow & agreed to do vocals.
With their ideas & some of my own, I wrote a first draft for the lyrics.

After that, I got together with talented musicians, Jason Khu & Melvyn Tan, and started composing the melody.
It was a frustrating process because we were very short of time...
but we managed to come up with an awesome melody and some kick-ass lyrics to go with it.
The rehearsal & recording of the song came very soon after that.

I was so amazed at our work that I can't say it was all just us...
there was something divine in it!
I kept thinking...
God this is amazing! Thank You!

Listen to it yourself...
"Thank You"



A difference you made
Telling us we'd go far
Now you have to take flight
We know this is not the end for you

You gave us a fresh touch
Yet we won't be dependent
Your smiles and warmth
Enables us to bless our future students

We want to thank you
For the things you've done for us
We are better now
Than before

Thinking back
To the time when
I was a student in your class
you taught with heartfelt sincerity
to guide and inspire me

Imagine not
Having you there when
I'm back from this foreign land
I'd feel sad
I'd feel cold
I'd feel lost

Lyrics Writing & Vocals:
Jarod Yong Jik Kam
Nadhilah Saffini
Nurul Izzati MD Fuad
Audrey Kho Hui Yen

Music Composition & Playing:
Jason Khu
Melvyn Tan

Video Production:
Jason Khu
Nesaganth Racenamothy

Monday, October 1

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Performances

As many of you would know, through my spamming of MSN & YM...
Last weekend, I had small slots for performances during both the Mooncake Festival Celebration by Arise Church International Lifegroup & the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration by the Chinese Students' Association.

中秋节 Mooncake Festival Celebration
by Arise Church International Lifegroup

This event was a huge success due to the large turnout
& awesome blessing from above!
Internationals from all over the world & even some kiwis turned up for this event.
I was there to set the place up & found it a gigantic challenge because most of the sound equipment was missing but God was good...
In the end, we were able to make the best of our limited equipment
& there was miraculous provision for missing essential equipment!
**sigh of relief**

The trademark of international lifegroup events has always been the generous amount of good multi-cultural food!
That night did not lack in amazing multi-cultural desserts & lots of tid-bits too!
People had a great time even when there were no mooncakes becasuse the CSA bought all of them for their event the following night!

Looking forward to the next event organised by the international lifegroup!

Here is the video of a performance I took part in that night
Guitar: Jason Khu Violin: Esther Ching Vocals: Jarod Yong (ME!)

Chrysanthemum Terrace 菊花台
by Jay Chow 周杰伦


中秋联欢晚会 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
by the Chinese Students' Association, Victoria University of Wellington

This event had a good turnout too!
It also had an array of diverse performances!
From a krump dance performance to the playing of a Morin Khur or 马头琴.
The event also had a generous amount of mooncakes & tea to go around in the after-event mooncake tasting session.

We did 4 songs in this event.
Guitar: Jason Khu Violin: Esther Ching Vocals: Jarod Yong (ME!)

However the audience held themselves back & was a little too passive
except for a small group of friends from the International Lifegroup.
The lack of support didn't stop us from going on stage and giving our best for everyone's pleasure!
We did well too!

Arranged in order of performance...
Chrysanthemum Terrace 菊花台
by Jay Chow 周杰伦


This Love
by Maroon 5


Life Is Wonderful
by Jason Mraz


Hey Ya
by Outcast


I was amazed at the level of cooperation in both events.
Internally, the people in both events worked hard and made the best of the resources they had.

I also had the privilage of observing a great transaction between the leaders of two events.
Both sides were aware of each other's event & did not want a clash.
In this situation, the president of CSA, William Wu, gave up the prefered event date, let the International Lifegroup go first & had his event the next day.
He got his reward during the International Lifegroup event, beside stuffing his face with dessert, he recieved an awesome text on the election results that had just been released.
He got elected into the International Officer post of the 2008 Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association executive.

Instead of a clash of egos, I was glad to see humility...
and, even better, humility rewarded...
Divine... Pure inspiration...

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