It Really Is Finished!

My university life in Victoria University has finally come to an end with the completion of today's exam.
In a months time, I'll be on a plane leaving this city I've grown to love & appreciate...

What Did I Plan To Do this Year? Have I Done It?

My goals for NZ 2007:
- complete a North Island tour
- complete my degree courses
- have more wasabi
- up my contribution in church
- take my relationship with my Lord Jesus to a deeper level
- speak Japanese fluently (for a foreigner, of course)
- do more one-off jobs to enrich my experience
- make the best of the time i have left!

RED: I have always had it in my heart to dig in deeper with my saviour but somehow never got around to doing it. I'm just going with the flow... but I know in my heart that I want to know Him so much more... This recap is a good reminder that I should start today & I will!

I am able to speak some basic Japanese & pronounce some words close to native-like but I know it will take me more exposure & practise to speak the language fluently. Will need to have even more wasabi.

I am able to complete my degree & travel throughout most of NZ. Which is probrably two of the most important things I should do. I made a lot of meaningful relationships here & these people will definate be missed when I leave...

What else do I want to do before I go?
Now this is the last minute decision I have to make for the short period I have left...

Arranged according to priority:
- settle my tenancy issue
I'm leaving at the end of November but my tenancy contract lasts till December. Currently finding people to take over the house for the short/long term.
We have to at least find 3 people willing to stay in this unfurnished house for a month.
If you are one of these people, please check out our house advert on & please drop me an email or give me a ring.

- be rid of the items I don't want to bring back to Malaysia
The items include the furniture in the house. This is done either by selling them or giving them away.
Have put most of the items on & will have a garage sale near my departure date.

- complete my final performance with the WOW factor
My final performance will be on the evening of 24 Nov for the International Lifegroup Christmas Party. It is my final performance & I want to make it the best performance I have ever done in my life thus far...
I'm working with 3 very passionate & talented individuals to create a sound so strong, emotional & united that it will blow you off your seat...

- bless the most important person to me in NZ
It is wonderful when there is someone special in your life.
It is tragic to find someone so precious & have to leave so soon.
In a short term relationship, the gentle gender usually loses out...
I need to show her that she is special... not just a temporary delight...
even though I have to leave & may never have someone like this again in my life...

- spend time with the people I really connected with
There were many many people I met & worked with during my time here. However, there are only a handful I really clicked with...
I want to spend more time with them & appreciate the special connection we have...
somehow I know that in the process, I will be strengthened...

- ski trip
I've always wanted to ski...
If possible I'd like to go on a ski trip but this is not a priority. It can be missed for any of the above.

It is good to reflect!
Now I have a better idea of what I want to do in this short remaining time!
Do pray for me!

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