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My Room! Tis Complete!

The final pieces to my room are finally in place... All are welcome to my room for a chat or any form of recreation! However, procreation in my room is not encouraged... Just by standing at the entrance of my accomodations, you will feel the strong aura. The strong breath of the wind almost blowign you away! That's how windy Wellington is... But after stepping through the sliding glass door, that only opens when a resident "scans" his/her access card at the sensor beside the door (very much like the touch n go system in the highways of Malaysia), the high winds instantly stop and you feel the peace and warmth of the indoors. To get to the third floor, where I stay, thou must take one of the lifts or face the wrath of 4 flights of stairs! Your choice is obvious, isn't it? As the lift doors open on the ground floor, you will be in for a treat prior to arriving at the third floor... The lifts are great! hehehee... Upon arrival at the third floor you will be greeted by a

koko' in Wellington

It's been a while since my last blog... about a month i guess... but now is the start of something new! This is the first blog of mine from Wellington & this will be the official closing of my Frienster blogs which really sux! (hopefully the pictures i upload to this site will turn up properly...) 15 Feb marks d start of my stay at Unicomm - Cumberland House... Situated within the city it only takes you 5 minutes of walking to arrive at the city centre... and the red-light district! hehe... My room at that time was a naked and boring self of the current refined and perfected and beautiful and comfortable state plus it has a non-gay romantic feel to it... hehe... Here are some pictures of my pre-koko' room: My roommate, Nesaganth, is an Indian guy from Malaysia... he's my coursemate from IPBA la, so no risks of brokeback syndrome when a guy suddenly in the middle of the night ***** you in the ***... Besides, he's got a pretty sexy girlfriend back at home plus