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The Girl At The Cinema

taken from Who doesn't love the cinema? It's a wonderful sanctuary where you can sit in complete anonymity & enjoy a good movie in silence together with hundreds of other people. There is beauty in how random it is. You have no idea who is sitting next to you. The person could be a serial killer. The person could save your life in the future. The person could even be your one true love. Sometimes. Just sometimes. In complete darkness. Without saying a word. Without even looking at each other. You make a connection that transcends metaphysical understanding. I don't know which is more heartbreaking. Not being brave enough to risk rejection or watching the person disappear like a wisp of smoke never to be found again. I woke up at 8am today & I had a strange inkling to load the GSC app on my phone. This I did & I found out that Captain America was released today. "Wonderful!" I thought. I'd always make it a point to take my sib


I'm here to tell you about #TeacherStories . Something I started a few weeks ago in a bid to flood the internet with more meaningful media about teachers & school. Why? Simple. Ask yourself which stories usually get attention from the mass media: teachers complaining about workload, ministers telling teachers off, students getting beaten up, teachers getting beaten up, vandalism/gangsterism/drugs/scandals in schools, & all the other attention grabbing headlines. Those stories will definitely generate clicks or sell newspapers but they are not necessarily stories which would make our society better or encourage teachers to keep working hard for society. Often times, it demoralises or demonises teachers. Nobody will deny that education is an important part of civilisation. But why does everybody constantly find pleasure in beating down the key people sweating & bleeding to keep it going? I am making a stand against that. I am declaring that there are better stories

Why I Chose NOT To Be An SISC+

What in the world is an SISC+? I've been trying to find an official definition for SISC+ from 'official' sites but have failed to find any with both 'School Improvement Specialist Coaches' & 'Jurulatih Pakar Pembangunan Sekolah' on Google. If you want a good laugh, try to Google 'SISC+' & click the first link. Anyway, I will try my best to explain it in my own words. SISC+ is a new post at District Education Offices nationwide for experienced teachers. At this stage, SISC+ have been recruited for BM, BI & Math. Very soon, they will begin recruiting teachers for Science. SISC+ do not teach. They will spend 70% of their time visiting classrooms & coaching teachers of the lowest performing schools in their district. They will observe teachers & help teachers develop on the job. By providing direct mentoring to teachers, it is the aspiration of the ministry that the quality of education in Malaysia will improve. In theory, thi