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2016 Fulbright Educational Justice Seminar @ George Washington University

The 2016 Fulbright Enrichment Seminar @ George Washington University Every year, the US Department of State  runs different  Fulbright Enrichment Seminars for the various foreign Fulbright programs in the US. These programs are only open to Fulbrighters & those who are eligible will receive an email about applying for it. I strongly recommend that you apply for as many as you are interested in because I gained a lot from the only one that I attended, this one. On April 27-30, I took part in an  Enrichment Seminar for First-Year Fulbright Foreign Students  hosted by the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University , Washington, D.C. . The theme was "Educational Justice: Overcoming Barriers to Quality Education in the 21st Century". From the sessions & site visits I took part in, I came out of the experience with deep insights into education disparities in the US & South America. I will share what I've learned from t