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My Annual BI PMR Talk

Hi, there! I bet most of you reading my blog are lounging at home with a cup of kopi, enjoying late mornings & the blissful mid-term/Raya holidays. As much as I wish I could do the same, I don't have that luxury this time around. I spent the first 3 days of my holidays at school taking care of the PMR & SPM students who stayed back during the holidays. I also gave every PMR student a 3 part talk over 3 nights on best practises for the English Language PMR papers. I started this last year because I realised that, even after 3 years of study, many students still were not able to meet their potentials in BI PMR. For many of them it was a struggle just to pass. For too many of them, they could pass the other subjects but not BI. Thus, failing PMR. The students would usually stay back during the mid-term holidays in the second semester to study so I took advantage of this & last year I held a captive audience for 4 nights in a row. I shared with them the requir

Featured in Stuff@School (The Star)

Check this out! It was published on Monday, 15 August, in Stuff@School by The Star . Distribution of the pull-out is limited to certain schools. Even then it has a 300,000 readership. I will be applying for a subscription for my school. Thanks very much, Amanda Ng of Penang Chinese Girls' High School for picking little ol' me for your interview of inspirational people. =) Anyway, do I see a movie deal in the horizon? hahahaha~~


Strange. I thought that by sheer determination, business or ignorance I could wipe out something from my heart. I thought that, like memories & kinship, distance & time would fade emotions away. I thought that I'd be able to make other women be my next obsession. I guess it's another one of those self-delusions humans are so prone to. It's been many years. Too many. Every time I see a couple with a child, I think of her. Then, I'd wonder what it would be like for us to have a child of our own. Every time I see a pretty girl, I think of her. Of course, I'd check the girl out too. I am after all... a man. Then, I'd wonder how she is. I really want to be settling down. I really do. But I've yet to feel strongly convicted about someone to commit myself eternally. Except for her & I did not tell her. Stupid. I hate this feeling. When the things that she does to piss you off makes you smile & when the things you did to piss her off