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Perkhidmatan Saya Masih Panjang

I'm back in Kuching this weekend after a mad rush to attend the wedding dinner of a buddy of mine last night. I would usually stay away from such events unless I was personally invited by the bride or the groom. I dislike lectures from zealous married marriage missionaries & having to explain why I'm the weirdo who is unmarried & worse *gasp* ungirl-friended. I also dislike the facial expression of people who react to the revelation that I am a lowly teacher. Yes, I kidnap children & sell them off to child armies in Africa. No, I dont teach the almighty Form 5 because I am an incompetent teacher. I pity the person who teaches Form 1. But, this wedding was a must. This guy is a great friend of mine & this event would definitely bring together other great friends. I was right. I got to reunite with some of my long time no see buddies & we reminisced over beer, Chinese food & cigars. Made some new friends too. Met one person who could genuinely see w

2013 So Far

You must be guessing why I haven't posted a new blog for so long. Well, it's because there is no more Internet at school. The contract with TM ended in November & the school admin decided against renewing it in light of 1BestariNet  which is free! The best part is I will only have to wait... until.... March. I'm hoping that we'll get a connection sooner but I'm betting good money that there might be delays due to the remote location of my school & city-folk's apparent fear of boats & crocodiles. So, I can only access Internet when I come down in Sibu for the weekend. Sadly, when I do have a weekend in Sibu, I only have 1.25 days: Friday afternoon to Sibu. Sunday 7am back. Factor in time for grocery/supplies shopping from various sources, banking, maybe a movie, catching up with great friends & loads of walking (coz I've got no car), I have very little left for the net. When I do get online, I'm reading the news, emails & catchin