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Reflections of a 2nd Year Teacher

adapted from When I first cum... to teaching, there were options available for me outside of teaching / government. I was also aware that the window of opportunity would slowly close as I age & younger more qualified infants saturated the workforce. However, with deep conviction, I made a decision to commit the first 5 years of my professional life to be a teacher in a government school anywhere in the country. When I say commit, I meant it. I was going to bust my a$$ teaching no matter what my circumstance; be it in the middle of nowhere a thousand miles from home or working with hopeless & fruitless Neanderthals or teaching leaping yelling brainless chimps. I wanted to see whether I was any good at teaching & whether I enjoyed it. Two years down this overly trodden road, I find that I AM good at it & I DO enjoy teaching! Maybe it's because I've busted my a$$ so bad pushing homework & hustling in the classrooms that a little bi

Gluteus Gloom

It's something that girls adore. They like to feel it, grab it &, of course, smack it. Like all good things, it comes in pairs. You know what I'm talking about... I was jogging on a quiet Monday afternoon when I stepped on a puddle, slipped, floated into a seated position & landed right on top of my left bum. Cold hard concrete. What followed was pain. Lots & lots of pain. Until today. That was when I lost the functionality of my left Gluteus Maximus. Joni Mitchell once sang that you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Since the incident, I've learned to appreciate my quiet & faithful buttocks more. Can you imagine feeling pain at every waking moment? Did you know that your glutes are involved in almost every body movement including sleep? I couldn't sit, walk, stand or even sleep without pain. Imagine putting your socks on in the morning sideways. Imagine having to sit on one cheek with the support of a pillow & st