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Suspension of Service Notice

koko' is currently in Brisbane, Australia and has no Internet access from his computer so is unable to blog normaly... I will be traveling to Sydney & Melbourne but i doubt blogging will be a priority... I will be back in Wellington, New Zealand on 16 Jan & i suspect my next blog post will be around that date... Until then... pray for my safety! GBU!!!


I hava incredibly freakkin painful toothache which started late last nite... Eating hurts... Brushing hurts... Swallowing saliva hurts... I feel like im having a period in my mouth... Its affecting my mood... Its affecting my life... Toothahe at the deep end of my mouth... Slight fever & discomfort... Yup... It's my wisdom tooth! Any1 hav tips to help me?


I read the blog of Irry, a good friend of mine, and was deeply moved by her emotions and how it compelled her to do something... I decided to write a poem to remember such a pure act of emotion untainted by desire... --------------------------------------------- emotions at its purest a wonderful work of art power enough to strengthen powered deep as eternity energy in motion moving through your veins the trigger is pulled as you see, hear, feel, taste or anticipate the unstoppable force is unstoppable and yet, is deniable struggle with choice struggle with lack of vision hold my hand as we dive into life for many a tornado awaits