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The Realities of Teaching In Malaysia

I remember not too long ago, when I was still a young strapping handsome lad with the strange haircuts sitting in a dysfunctional sauna-like lecture hall in an obscure teachers training institute which name I had to mouth to taxi drivers like a child with down syndrome & would eventually give up & say UM. Back then I was carefree, I've completed most of my courses effortlessly & would continue to glide gracefully through the rest of the degree. There was one thing the lecturers would resonate in the middle of a lecture even when they were talking about something completely unrelated. I would usually zone in for this little moment & then zone out again as the lecturer went back to reading from powerpoint slide to powerpoint silde. Students are really good at that. When you talk about something really important that they must know, they are quiet & they look at you as if they're actually listening & nod when you ask if they understood but underneath t

I'm Peeing Through The Wrong Hole!

It's been almost a decade since I last had food poisoning. It's one of the worst agonies a disease can bring. Last night, I woke up every 30mins to 'pee' sitting down. I was leaking fluids every 30mins & I was feeling bloody dehydrated. I felt like puking, I was feverish & I was aching all over. Plus the interruption of my beauty sleep really made it one of the worst nights in my life. This is why I'm feeing through the wrong hole. "One of the hallmarks of many food poisoning incidents is chronic diarrhea and bloating. The ingested chemicals, parasites or bacteria often wreak havoc on a victim's entire digestive tract. Normal digestion becomes virtually impossible as the body's fluid levels and bloodstream change to attack the invading organisms. As the bacteria or parasites die off, they often leave acidic or gaseous wastes in their wake. In cases of moderate to severe food poisoning , victims may begin to wonder if they wi

Pimped Up PC Gaming Experience

For everything I could find at home & a minuscule investment in gaming hardware, I had an awesome time this mid-sem break. I have spoken very little about my gaming hobby particularly because, with work commitments, I have very little time to play games. I tend to refrain because I can get very obsessed. Anyways, the chastity belt binding my hands are now off because IT'S HOLIDAY TIME ! I hooked up my laptop via HDMI to a 32" HDTV hooked up to a 5.1 Home Theatre. I dragged a lazy chair from a dark corner of my house & stole a cushion from a chair somewhere. I stocked up on gamer food to keep me gaming & I bought myself a Xbox 360 Controller. Just me in my boxers, banging away on a controller & staring intensely at the screen. It was awesome! I played Batman: Arkham Asylum & Mafia 2 with my low-budget system & I had an unbelievably new gaming experience! The games were really beautiful on the large screen. Occasionally, some of my fa

My Holiday Starts Now!