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Are Teachers Undesirable?

My girlfriend revealed that, at the early stages of our relationship, she struggled with the thought of being with a teacher. She also revealed that many of her girl friends have decided to write off being with teachers altogether! And this even when some of them are teachers themselves!! Holy cookies! Are teachers really so undesirable? I dont know about you but female teachers rate highly in my eyes. Not that I have a particular sexual fantasy from some inhibited childhood memories... It's just that female teachers have high chances of being an excellent wife. Here's why... Husband Pleasing At their workplace, they submit themselves to a Ketua Jabatan/Principal/Head Master. I am a traditional man. I prefer a wife who submits to me. In return, I will love her with all that I am & I will respect her spirit. Money Making They have a steady income which will increase with each passing year! If they are extra hardworking, they can make a significant jump to a

Must See Before You Die: Sunrise @ Bromo

Want to go on a memorable 3 night holiday & spend less than RM1500 in total covering meals, accommodation, transportation & souvenirs? You don't have to look any further than our good ol' neighbour, Indonesia . I was in Indonesia with my girlfriend, to view the sunrise at a lookout point overlooking the plains & 3 mountains including the world famous active volcano, Mt Bromo . Dear friends, let me share with you that the sunrise at the Bromo Highlands is something you MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE . It is breathtakingly picturesque & probably something you will never be able to experience anywhere else! No photo will be unable to capture the beauty of the experience. I took a lot of time just standing there taking in the beauty & praising God for his creation. Furthermore, there's nothing more romantic than holding your girlfriend in your arms while the both of you watch the whole world light up before you. How did I get to the Bromo Highlan

Off For Holiday!

Dear friends, I'll be away for 2 weeks on holiday! I'll be visiting Indonesia ( Surabaya & Mt. Bromo ), Melaka & KL. Will get back to blogging when I can! =) p/s: I'm going to try to reproduce this picture! taken from wikipedia

Something Worth Sharing

My friend, Loren Bong , is the lead in this Independent Malaysian short film by Juliane Block . I took a look at it & I find that it is really something worth sharing. The film is currently in a German competition to win a grand prize of 10,000 Euro. All it needs is your votes. Wait for the flash video application below to load. You will see 5 stars at the bottom right corner of the application. That is where you vote. Please vote 5 stars every day to support this awesome piece of work. This is a Malaysian action film that is actually worth watching! Watch the 30 min clip & then vote to support it! I apologise for the limited width of my content column. This video plays just fine in full screen. Click 'play' & look to the right for the partially hidden 'full screen' button that is just before the cut off point of my content column.

For New Teachers Before Reporting To School

It’s near the end of the year & very soon a new academic year will begin for Malaysian national schools. As a newly trained teacher, I’m sure there are many of you out there who are excited & eagerly anticipating your first year at school. Some of you have received your placement/posting letters. Some have not. Whether it is one or the other, you have better start preparing for your placement  NOW . Things to Bring Here are some certificates that should be handed to your Ketua Jabatan (Headmaster/Principal). Original AND photocopy. All your Secondary School & Tertiary co-curricular certificates Academic certificates & transcripts (PhD/Masters/Degree/Diploma/STPM/SPM) Birth certificate Identity card Placement letter (If available) KWSP details (If available) Income tax details (If available) Marriage certificate (If available) BTN certificate (if available) KISSM certificate (If available) Bank Account Book Some of the documents mentioned above are fore