Are Teachers Undesirable?

My girlfriend revealed that, at the early stages of our relationship, she struggled with the thought of being with a teacher.
She also revealed that many of her girl friends have decided to write off being with teachers altogether!
And this even when some of them are teachers themselves!!
Holy cookies! Are teachers really so undesirable?

I dont know about you but female teachers rate highly in my eyes.
Not that I have a particular sexual fantasy from some inhibited childhood memories...
It's just that female teachers have high chances of being an excellent wife.
Here's why...

Husband Pleasing
At their workplace, they submit themselves to a Ketua Jabatan/Principal/Head Master.
I am a traditional man. I prefer a wife who submits to me.
In return, I will love her with all that I am & I will respect her spirit.

Money Making
They have a steady income which will increase with each passing year!
If they are extra hardworking, they can make a significant jump to a higher salary every 3 years!
Our combined income will make it easier to raise a family together.
Their pensions after retirement will provide some comfort during our golden years too.

They have access to low interest government housing & car loans!
There are also many aunties at school who will be an inexhaustible source of home-making tips & tricks.
They have predictable working hours which allows them to return home early to care for the family.

Child Caring
They work with children so they will be better prepared to handle mine.
They can control a class of 40++ students so they should be able to control my troupe of hyperactive monkeys too.
They will also have connections in the education ministry which can be used to secure excellent education for my children.
They know the inner workings of public examinations so my children will score better too!

taken from
And finally, all female teachers look hot!
Oh yeah~~ Teach me! Teach me!

I certainly wouldn't mind marrying a female teacher.
And I think that, as a male teacher, I'm not too bad myself.
But why do females still find male teachers undesirable as husbands?
Is it our overall personalities or is it something about our profession that brings shame?

Girls, plz share your opinion coz I can guess but I will not even pretend to know the true answer!
I want to hear it coming from you!
Be honest & do not sugar-coat. Use anonymous if necessary.


  1. fantasy with a teacher?? but seriously, i dun think all female teachers are hot...there are some...but not all...haha...

  2. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. That picture, despite your contradictions, says something about inhibited fantasies. ;)

    Oh btw, have to contradict you there, not All female teachers are hot. :P IN case you havent notice, some in SMKPT, are quite tubby and mediocre looking. :D

  3. If i am not a teacher myself, i may look out for male teachers for a boyfriend.

    But as it is, I am a teacher. And it happens that my man works shifts and irregular hours as a pharmacist in a hospital. He said all the same things u have written above. A teacher for a wife can help him in balancing his responsibilities; work & family!

  4. i think i'll write an entry in my blog as a response to this; if you dont mind (?)

  5. Female teachers = hot?

    Uh. I think you are talking about the younger, more progressive breed. The Mrs Rajus and Cik Sarimahs and Madam Lims who graced my schooling days were only 'hot' in the literal sense - they were so strict, no-nonsense teachers. Only very few I remember had the bravery to put on dust some powder on their noses and slap on some lipstick. Even fewer did bother about clothes, shoes and accessories.

    But back to your question.

    Male teachers do not top my list because in our society, teaching does not appear as 'manly' as other male-dominated careers are. Our perception is that a guy who teaches is not as strong, powerful and financially stable as a guy who say, heads a sales team or drills oil wells or flies a plane.

    But in the end, it is just a perception. I have learned, from having met/known/dated people of various backgrounds, that teaching can be just as manly as other careers.

    And another thing, almost all of the male teachers I had as a student did not paint a great impression. Most of them were not industrious, did just the bare minimum but displayed monstrous male ego. And I still see this in some of my male colleagues at school.

  6. Ok...WHO wants to marry ahkamkoko, please take a number! No.1, anybody....No.1....please come forward to take the number! First in line...!!! Oh dear...where on earth has everybody gone to? Now just what did he say in his post that sent all of them scurrying away??? LOL!!!

  7. hahah~

    i dun mind if he is a teacher, what matters most to me is his aspiration..

    ppl shub be judged by their aspiration, not their jobs

  8. really no idea why. it's the perception of the society i guess and also the nature of the occupation. teachers serve both the society and students, which make them humble ppl? and often, ppl think that humble is not manly. wrong perception perhaps? typical asian parents would want their children to be a doc, dentist, lawyer, accountant, engineer... as compared to a teacher, these guys earn more money. So again, I guess ppl will think because they can't be the above, so they have to be teachers, which is a better job than being a mechanic, technician. or maybe the male teachers we had at school were geeky? weird? stereotype then.

    other than those, i don't find any other reason for not dating a teacher.

    i wanna know what answer you've got there :D

  9. If possible, i wont look for a husband who works as a teacher. As myself is a teacher and my whole family (grandparents, parents, siblings-and-their spouses, aunts, cousins etc.) are teachers too!! We are all from d MOE~
    So, am trying to have sumthing different..but, if it's my fate to get married with a male teacher, then.. y not??

  10. Well, i guess this matter depends strongly on each individual. As for me, i grew up in a family with no brother, but i have a handsome and caring engineer father, thus i would prefer a technical man as a priority choice of husband. I want somebody who can fix the electric box when the fuse burns out, change the lightbulb in my kid's room when it blows, and replace the floor tiles when we feel like changing it.

    Male teachers are never and will not be on top of my list because of past memories in my schools. For instance, i have seen so many kinds of male teachers, be it gay, advantage takers, messy, emogo (emo + ego), brutal, and so many more. Andro-daskalos-phobia, maybe?

    But, male teachers are not bad at all, especially in this new era. Maybe some of us are used to see them like old grumpy moustaches men, so this leaves a negative image for male teachers.But now, given that some male teachers are financially stable, smart, loving and caring in so many ways. Maybe i should start considering some! :)

  11. Why not?

    I always feel they have this I'm-a-good-family-man kinda vibe and I personally find that hot. Hahaha.

    And to think that male teacher is not manly enough, did you see how kids act these days? If they can handle that heck they are man enough for me.

  12. dude, there are pros of having teachers as your wife. i think the cons is very much nil. unless when you think on cheating on her, that's impossible when you use your work as an cover-up excuse. she knows.

    not all female teachers are hot. some are nasty. they have the looks alright, to scare us so that we behave well. catwoman!

    maybe it's the older generation that gets them saying no. ever seen those old school movies? the dudes have those weird looking facial hair. strict. and down right freaky.

  13. Hafiz: haha~~
    That last bit was put in for some humour.

    Sarah: Well, the hot ones make up for the mediocre ones. =)
    Anyway, what is your answer to my question?

    Hanim: Good to hear that you are working as a team with your boyfriend.

    Waz: Go ahead & send me the link to your response!

    Trish: Yeah... The sleazy old bulging lazy teacher has ruined it for most of us, eh?
    Well... You're the hot teacher I was talking about in this post.

    Arthur: sigh~~ Nobody want me liao...

    Farah: Aspiration. Very good!

    Jessica: Awesome. You don't mind dating a teacher.

    Mimi: You prefer not to have a teacher as a husband because you want something different in your family. Fair enough.

    Jessica: Anybody can fix things at home. I mounted my own curtains & wall-mounted wine bottle holders. I've fixed electrical outlets & painted houses too!

    Anyway, your previous teachers have ruined it for the rest of the male teachers. Dank.

    Connie: Awesome! Thanks for that uplifting comment, Connie!

    Vio: Yeah, I agree that movies rarely portrayed teachers in a good light & some current male teachers are quite horrible too.

  14. mmmm... my form 4/5 math teacher was a milf hahaha

  15. I would prefer not to have a teacher as my husband, as i already have the whole family under MOE. u knw what kind of conversation we always had at home?

    "kat sekolah mama ade function ni, tau x ape GPK komen bila blablabla"

    "abah tak paham la kenapa cikgu2 KPLI ni tak blablabla"

    " pak anjang (my uncle) rase kalau program pelajar harapan ni kita usahakan blablabla..."

    oh....please lt me hear some other topics as well.

    But, I think the perception of guys being teachers as what mentioned by Trish above is soo true, at least thats how i used to think. Just, not anymore. I guess it is not bad to date a teacher too...

    'syg, tolong tndakan buku kerja student i pls?'


  16. June: But not anymore! hahaha~~

    Izzy: Pros & Cons! =)


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