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RM890 Mobile Reloads For Boys Stuck At Hostel

After asking 3 boys & waiting 4 weeks for the name list, fortunately, the first boy I asked to collect the info came through! 不不不 PDPR2.0 started early for many schools in Sarawak because our schools in red zones were shut down 3 weeks before Raya. However, students lodging in the school hostels were not allowed to return to their respective hometowns in order to protect the students & their families back at home. You see, my students come from all over Sarawak, so their long journeys home would put them at significant risk to COVID exposure.

RM810 Mobile Reloads For Girls Stuck At Hotel

Just finished sending RM10 worth of mobile reloads to each of the 81 girls stuck in the hostels while schools in Kuching are closed to help with the mobile data needed for PDPR online classes. Thank you to everyone who sponsored my students with this Gift Of Learning! In Sarawak, schools in red zones have been closed for the past 2 weeks. For most students, you stay at home when the school is closed. For boarding students, you have to stay at the school hostel to protect you & also your loved ones. While you're boarding, the school will take care of all your physical needs, with 5 meals a day & study facilities. However, there is one essential item that schools are not equipped to provide: a broadband internet connection. When one student got cut off during my online class because she ran out of data & had no more credit to purchase more data, I realised that there may be more in her situation, so I asked permission from past sponsors to use their funds for this purpose