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MAS Replies

There are some issues with the internet connection back at school so here I am typing away on a cybercafe computer in Sibu. I am also unsure if I will be able to put up future posts. I have so much to share but so little bandwidth! Any tycoons reading this? Care to sponsor me a satellite? After 2 working days, MAS sent me this reply which I think is deeply disappointing. Have a read... ~~~~ Dear Mr. Yong, Thank you for your email of 15 March 2009 regarding your experience with our services. Malaysia Airlines' vision is to be The World's Five Star Value Carrier i.e. providing top-quality products and services at the most affordable prices. We are committed to achieve this with absolutely no compromise to safety or quality. Unfortunately, we are concern to note that you had an unpleasant encounter with our check-in staff. Your dissatisfaction over this matter is understandable and we agree that customers should not be subjected to such service. We have conveyed your comments to t

MH is Malaysian Hospitality... NOT!!

I wrote this letter & sent it to MAS during the weekend. I wonder if I will get a reply. ~~~ I am a frequent flyer domestically & internationally. This year itself I will be making more than 15 flights. I am also unbiased with my choice of airline. I choose my airlines based on the best flight time or price. However, on long distances I admit I prefer MAS for extra comfort & reliability. I respect the efforts of MAS in giving the best value & at the same time still maintaining its high standards. I am also very appreciative of its efforts in improving customer service which is truly lacking in our Malaysian culture. Thus, the coining of the term MH or Malaysian Hospitality. Sadly, yesterday I was let down by the MH check-in staff at Sibu airport. I arrived at 3.30pm for my 5.10pm flight to Kuching from Sibu. As I was in Sibu for work, I was very much looking forward to returning to my family in Kuching for a short break before heading to KL. I was dressed very plainly i

ICT in the Malaysian ESL Classroom

I was recently asked to give my opinion on ICT in the Malaysian classroom for a research paper. I think it'll be good for me to share my thoughts with the world & I would appreciate the sharing of any of your thoughts too. Acronyms: ICT - Information Communication Technology ESL - English as a Second Language taken from THE USE OF ICT IN PROMOTING WRITING IN THE ESL CLASSROOM 1. What are the advantages of the use of ICT in teaching ESL? How does the computer promote students’ writing in ESL? The advantages of ICT are numerous. Electronic Realia. With ICT you can show them videos, play sounds & display engaging pictures or mindmaps to help them internalise their learning. On writing with computers. Children are into new toys & working with tools. I think the prospect of writing with a new tool besides the mighty pencil would be a rare treat for the child who is naturally curious & inquisitive on technology. 2. What are the disadva

Hello, I am the Specialist

taken from Hello, how are you feeling today? The government has sent me here to answer your distress call. I hear that there is some sort of non-terminal epidemic. And that only the local children are undergoing treatment. I am an internationally trained specialist assigned to your facility. I specialise in vernacular localised to the British Isles. I will diagnose every linguistic concern & prescribe feasible means of therapy. I have little experience but you have my best until I am called away to another needy place. Treatment will take time & a lot of effort. I will need access to every resource available at your disposal. We will fight this disease of ignorance & we must win. For the survival of the local people.

She Satisfies Me Not

I am a man that desires flexibility. Those that I have had relationships with were unable to bend over backwards when I needed them to. They were awesome for portability & value but they deeply disappointed when I wanted to do more & take the relationship further. I have had it with her. Good bye, pretty, slim, simple & conservative Miss Compact Camera. It's time I moved on to a real camera. To the ever so alluring dear Miss SLR. taken from Say hello to the Nikon D60 . ( click to read review ) Released in 2008, it has just about the right features for my itchy fingers & panoramic fantasies. It is also probably the best bargain for my RM3000 budget. Actually, the kit + tripod + 4GB card only costs RM2200. I'm budgeting around RM800 for a flash device. Although I have already received my first pay check... I will not hurry my decision to get married into the Nikon family. There are other things things that I have to spend my money o

I Miss the Boys

When I first come... in school. I was warmly welcomed & taken in by this group of men. They would smile at me, chat with me & respond to greetings warmly. Their friendliness really kept me going & helped me adapt to this foreign & frustrating place. They have my gratitude & their friendliness has left me with great impressions. However, I am no fool. I never expected such a high level of affection to last. Neither did I expect such a significant drop in affability I experience today. After 1 month since I first came. It’s strange that people who used to smile at you & look you in the eye when talking to you suddenly decide to avoid your gaze & only speak to you only when they have to without hiding the fact that they don’t enjoy doing so. It’s strange that it should happen at varying degrees with every one of you all at the same time. Could it be something I said? Or was it something I've done? Could it be that I have stepped on toes that