MAS Replies

There are some issues with the internet connection back at school so here I am typing away on a cybercafe computer in Sibu.
I am also unsure if I will be able to put up future posts.
I have so much to share but so little bandwidth!
Any tycoons reading this?
Care to sponsor me a satellite?

After 2 working days, MAS sent me this reply which I think is deeply disappointing.
Have a read...

Dear Mr. Yong,

Thank you for your email of 15 March 2009 regarding your experience with our services.

Malaysia Airlines' vision is to be The World's Five Star Value Carrier i.e. providing top-quality products and services at the most affordable prices. We are committed to achieve this with absolutely no compromise to safety or quality.

Unfortunately, we are concern to note that you had an unpleasant encounter with our check-in staff. Your dissatisfaction over this matter is understandable and we agree that customers should not be subjected to such service. We have conveyed your comments to the station head for his improvement and immediate corrective action.

On a brighter note, we are glad that another staff assisted to check your booking and then issue you the boarding pass. We do apologise that you didn’t receive the SMS that was sent to you regarding the flight cancellation.

Mr. Yong, we thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We truly value feedback such as yours as it helps us review and maintain the quality service that our customers have begun to expect.

We hope this experience will not deter you from flying Malaysia Airlines as we always look forward to your continued patronage.
Why did I say that this reply was deeply disappointing?
- the matter was not resolved. What actions are they going to take? Is the station head even going to take action?
- there is no reassurance that such an offence would not be repeated at another station. What is MAS doing to improve ground staff etiquette?
- are there going to be repeat instances where ppl are only informed through SMS? why dont they try to e-mail or (even better) maybe a phone call as well?

I am deeply disappointed by this reply.
There are also a few spelling & grammar mistakes. See if you can find all of them.

Let me end by saying...
Beggars cant be choosers.
All are losers in a monopoly.

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