Hello, I am the Specialist

taken from doctors.gl

Hello, how are you feeling today?
The government has sent me here to answer your distress call.
I hear that there is some sort of non-terminal epidemic.
And that only the local children are undergoing treatment.

I am an internationally trained specialist assigned to your facility.
I specialise in vernacular localised to the British Isles.
I will diagnose every linguistic concern & prescribe feasible means of therapy.
I have little experience but you have my best until I am called away to another needy place.

Treatment will take time & a lot of effort.
I will need access to every resource available at your disposal.
We will fight this disease of ignorance & we must win.
For the survival of the local people.


  1. nice one there jarod~~ good luck! btw, happy hols! tk cre.


  2. i don't get it really..
    you mean you are guru kaunseling in your school??

  3. all the best Dr Jarod! =)

  4. i also don't really get it...it's too abstract =(

  5. Fa:
    Thank you!
    VERY VERY happy holidays to the both of us!

    Dont worry about not understanding.
    I used some really rare & difficult words.

    This piece is describing my situation with unconventional means.
    You can try to understand them with a dictionary.
    Or maybe you could ask Violacea to explain it to you.
    I think she may understand. I think.

    All in a day's work, my fellow practitioner!

    It's not abstract.
    I was just playing around with double meaning.
    I matched a non-medical context with medical terms.
    The only way to understand this piece is to understand the words.
    And then, think of my situation & what I am doing at the moment.

  6. I think the french will love this poem because it is very metaphorical and meaningful..

    :D Bravo!! Ehehe..

  7. hehe. thnk goodness i can understand this or else i'll feel down. hahha! good luck with that jarod!

  8. Jessica:
    You really think so?

    Perhaps you should advertise my blog to all your French buddies!

    I'd glad you did!
    I'm sure most of the people from IPBA do.


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