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Sex Is Beautiful

I found this article in the Domminion Post today.... It got me thinking.... Sex is a big deal. Should it? Shouldnt building strong relationships be more important than sex? Wouldnt a strong relationship make sex more meainingful? or boring? Since when did we become such perfectionist that we need a theme park to show us hw to make love? Isnt it better to learn from each other and improve together? Wouldnt that make the relationship better and more meaningful? Should i focus on the sweetheart or her anatomy? I need sex... So does every other human... It is a need that draws men and women together... It is beautiful... But it is often misused... It is often rushed... It is often regretted... Should we refrain or should we indulge? YOU TELL ME!!! It's your choice... Are you willing to live wif the consequences?

Upload Limit Reached!

I found out the hard way that Blogspot limits the ammount of pictures you can upload to it... sob... sob... But it's ok! I found an alternative site to upload my images! ImageShack !!! This time i think I'v got unlimited uploads... but it's a hassle... However, I'v got a cool toolbar with my IE so i can upload pictures to the site without goin into the site and waiting and waiting... hehe... ImageShack is a good site... i wud recommend it but it is a little too simple... your pictures are put in one big folder so you cant organise them. But it's FREE ... so... wadeva... BLOGSPOT.COM!!! GIVE ME UNLIMITED UPLOADS PLZ!!!

No Strings Attached

Nope… I haven’t been sleeping around… it’s just that a few hours ago I had stings attached to my body! AAAH!! 4 stitches… from about 14 days ago… remember… I tried to open a window with my superhuman strength… but I did not have superhuman skin thickness… sigh… memories of the bloody day… Well, I called VUW student health services today and got myself an appointment in the afternoon. I arranged to see a doctor in the VUW Te Aro campus, which is the architecture & arts campus near Cumberland House, where I stay. The campus is just a building with wonderful design… but it is small though… just one medium sized building with a nice park in front… the students health clinic was located on the ground floor of the building. First, look for the common room of the building, enter it, look for a door at your far right corner, enter it, sit and wait until your appointed time. THEN, knock on the door. I’m sure you wana see pictures of my freshly unbound thumb… but you cant cz the doctor wrap

A Persuit of Excellence!

It was a Church Conference but for me it was a conference aka camp! In the early morning of a fine Wednesday, (5am, so you know I didn’t sleep at all on Tuesday!) I left Cumberland in a Subaru for Auckland. On the way we stopped for more ppl, a prayer meeting with others from City Church driving up to Auckland, for d loo and meals. I was in the car with John Newton, Stanley and Lee. The trip took us 10 hrs. I made some new acquaintances on the way too. YEAH!!! We stayed YWAM hostel for the 3 nights we spent in Auckland. It was a simple place and it was cheap so I wont complain much. Guys slept on mattresses in the hall/living room of the hostel. Girls get the rooms. Why do we always spoil the girls? Lights out at 12am and wake up at 7am. However, I didn’t get enuf sleep… sigh… but even thou I was tired… God cud still touch and move me! YEAH!!! The conference was held at the CLCA church grounds 15mins away from YWAM. They had this gigantic warehouse turned into a conference centre! I th

My First Sport Bar Ever = Courtenay Arms

It’s a very significant night. It’s the FA Cup Final, it’s the first night I got to watch football in Wellington, it’s the first time I went out wif the chef of Istana Malaysia, that Nesa keeps talking about, and it’s the first time I’m in a sport bar ever! Courtenay Arms is an English bar on Allen st, right next to Satay Kampong, my workplace, and down the street from Istana Malaysia, Nesa’s work place! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. It’s as if we were actually in the stadium! It was filled with Caucasians male and female, all dressed up in football jerseys, chanting and shouting and ranting and groaning and reacting to the play projected on the big screen. I REALLY LIKE THE PLACE!!! I’m looking forward to the Football World Cup! Gonna look for a nice sports club with my mates, grab a beer and watch some of the best football in the world!

ICF Fundraiser: The Wedding Banquet

Yesterday I attended an ICF meeting after a long time of absence. Yet today I helped out in an ICF event! How cool is that? I get to be a best man for a mock Malay wedding that happened today! Earlier today I woke myself up early in the morning (10am) so I cud go to the venue for a full dress rehearsal. Upon arrival, I tried on my costume. It was a perfect fit! However, that was all the rehearsal I had. I took it off immediately after and helped set up the place. With my injured thumb, I carried tables, chairs & arranged them in wonderful order. I noticed that my blood soaked the bandage more than usual but I didn’t bother cz it didn’t hurt and I am happy to work for God’s cause. And I can’t wait to see the fruits of our labour! I came bak in the evening just as the guest were about to arrive and took a sneak peak into the hall… it was beautiful! With dim lights and candles on the tables… it gave the place a really romantic glow! Loved it! I was also very surprised to see some of m

The Great Cut

It was a warm Wednesday evening in Kamlini’s room and the window was jammed. At the stroke of 12AM, I struck a glass window and it shattered... I was surprised it broke so easily. Then I found out that something else was equally fragile, a tingling sensation from my thumb… It was cut, deep . One look and I knew it needed to be stitched. Nesa said I don’t need to go to the hospital… I honestly wanted to believe him, but I lost faith when it didn’t stop bleeding for the 15 minutes we applied pressure and ice. I was not scared nor was I breaking down. It was badly cut, doing that wudnt help at all. I needed to stop bleeding. I was determined and focused. I needed to get it stitched. Just at the right that time, LiShan came in and offered to take me to a 24hr clinic nearby. I agreed. Jason used his handkerchief as a tourniquet and 5 people set out on a quest to get me stitched. Jason, Lishan, Nesa, Rose & I. It was a 25 minute walk from St George to the clinic. And we had fun on d way.

Another New Member!

I was checking out and i found something special that i tot wud really spice up my room! Need i say more? Come over n let's play!

4 Years as My Life...

Today, I decided to break up with someone special. I will always remember her. She shared a special part of my life with me and she enriched me in too many ways for me to mention. Many will not find this post as I decided to publish it late. Only those who really bothered or cared to read will… Congratulations, you have recieved your reward in full. A breakup isn’t an acceptable thing at all… No matter wad reason a guy/girl can give to justify the breakup… Even thou it is the most righteous of righteous… It wud still sound crappy or just stupid… Coz the relationship between a girl and a guy is just too special to break… GBU Di… Im sorry… Im not worthy of your love…

New Member In The House!

After hunting on , Nesa & I finally found the perfect new member of the house! It is great to hava 29" TV in your room. It is even greater if u hava superb 5.1 home theatre system too. The fridge is full of drinks. The pantry full of snacks. Everything seem is perfect, rite? But something is missing... We both felt it... It has been months... but it was totally worth it! FOR $50, WE GOT... Stop By Anytime to welcome HIM...

First Day At Work: Uni-Stop

Today was the day I was to be trained in using the "till", the cash-register machine. I met Geno at Ilott and he forwarded me to Uni-Stop where his wife, OT, was... She tot me hw to use the till. I got the hang of it in less than an hour! hahaha... but i was really thankful that she was patient and forgiving... I was kinda blurr about the price of items at first... so i constantly had to ask the prices of items wifout a barcode... but everything went well and was I was great in the end! I could even remember certain prices of items in the shop! I also got to know Geno a lot better today too... He came in later in the day and tot me how to arrange items on display and do certain jobs around d shop. He was very funny and loved to kid around... I find that a great quality! Makes me feel very comfortable working wif him! GOD IS GOOD! Wad i learnt today: - How to use a till. - Many ppl i know shop at Uni-Stop. - There are 2 seasons in Uni-Stop, there will be times when the shop is