ICF Fundraiser: The Wedding Banquet

Yesterday I attended an ICF meeting after a long time of absence. Yet today I helped out in an ICF event! How cool is that?

I get to be a best man for a mock Malay wedding that happened today! Earlier today I woke myself up early in the morning (10am) so I cud go to the venue for a full dress rehearsal. Upon arrival, I tried on my costume. It was a perfect fit! However, that was all the rehearsal I had. I took it off immediately after and helped set up the place.

With my injured thumb, I carried tables, chairs & arranged them in wonderful order. I noticed that my blood soaked the bandage more than usual but I didn’t bother cz it didn’t hurt and I am happy to work for God’s cause. And I can’t wait to see the fruits of our labour!

I came bak in the evening just as the guest were about to arrive and took a sneak peak into the hall… it was beautiful! With dim lights and candles on the tables… it gave the place a really romantic glow! Loved it!

I was also very surprised to see some of my non-ICF friends helping out that night!
Amanda = receptionist
CK, Ester & many more = waiter
Rose = Malay wedding flower girl

Let me giv you a brief description on the night’s performances. A loin dance troupe performance signalled the beginning of the dinner and they performed really well! Many ppl stood up and tried to get some pictures of the lions chasing girls holding a round rattan ball each in their hands! Then there was a Chinese tea ceremony… The kind that is done right after Chinese weddings where the man & wife serve tea to their relatives, esp their parents.

Next was the Malay wedding. We were given one last briefing on wad we had to do. And that was all the rehearsal I got. It was your typical Malay wedding where the bride and groom are dressed in gold/yellow “king’s” clothing; with the best man & bridesmaid at their side; being led by two flower girls holding a “flower tree” each; being flanked by a few guys banging a rhythm on a kompang drum each. The couple was escorted to their seats of glory and ppl were invited to pour rice and sprinkle water on their hands as a blessing of prosperity and fertility. The wedding was ended with Ester singing the love song “Belaian Jiwa.” She did a good job in singing that song… but I still think that the song wud hav been even better of more than one person sang it. Good job Ester!

The final performance was an Indian wedding. The man & wife had to be solemn & no body contact. They sit down in front of a holy fire and perform some rituals of pouring things into the fire and circling the fire 9 times. Then they tie a knot between their scarves symbolising their eternal union. The wedding is followed by an excellent Indian dance! Haven’t seen it for a while and I really loved it! Reminded me of the time I was back in IPBA. Hehe…

It was a good nite… I had fun and I was very happy to see the good fruit of our hard work.


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