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A Fulbrighter's ITIN Application & Tax Return Experience With Grantax

This ad is too good not to share. Recently, my fellow Fulbrighters & I were griping & wondering why we're left out in the cold by Grantax after sending in our documents. We had no idea if we did it right or if we got the email address right. There's  not even an automated response from Grantax! If you're a Fulbrighter in a similar situation, I've finally got some answers for you. In this blog post, I will write about my experience applying for ITIN & filing my Tax Return with Grantax. Bottomline is Grantax is super duper ninja turtles busy & their online practices are web 1.0. But, we love them coz they do our taxes for FREE & they work very very hard like minions!! =D

In Response To Fa Abdul "Do public schools have educators or entrepreneurs?" in FMT (8 March 2016)

This article & its comments made me realize that there was a disconnect between parents & schools. I also thought that this article was an unfair representation of the 400k+ educators in Malaysia. This was why I wrote this response. I had to stand up for my peers & inform parents of what's really going on at schools. Fa Abdul, Thanks for sharing your opinion. You've made some interesting observations & I applaud your courage for speaking up. I would like to comment on some of the observations you’ve made & give the public some food for thought, from the eyes of a jungle teacher. Take it with a pinch of salt; I’m not saying that I’m correct; I’m suggesting that perhaps this article is a little lopsided & a cikgu should be allowed to voice his opinion too, no? Boleh, kan?