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Prefect Leadership Camp 2013 @ Mukah

    Ever since I was a green horn back in 2009, I have been involved in my schools' Prefect Leadership Camps. Someone must think that I'm a good leader... either that or I'm easy to order around...     Anyway, I'm always very glad to be part of something that moulds the students outside the classroom & enables them to develop lifelong skills, friendships & lasting memories. This year, the camp was held in Mukah.     Kudos to the counsellor who made it happen: Mdm Lau. She is a wonder woman. Any school which has her will be wholly blessed. Have a vacancy for a counsellor? You should fight for her. She is a true asset. Learning Visit To Politeknik Mukah     Before heading to the camp site, Mdm Lau arranged for the prefects to have a learning visit to Politeknik Mukah  where the prefects were exposed to the application process for the polytechnic's courses & PTPTN loans. We were also given a tour of the various specialised rooms. The lecturers of th

Hari Kadet Polis 2013

I realised earlier this year that I have not blogged about my involvement with the Police Cadets even though I have been an advisor at my school since 2009! So allow me to share with you what it is like to advise the Police Cadets. One of the most important events of the year is the Hari Kadet Polis or the Hari Jadi for the cadets. It is officially on 31 March but, this year, it was postponed to April. Sometimes, the police will make the long & sunny journey on a boat to my school to help train my students. Most of the time, however, it's the teachers who have to do what they can with the limited knowledge they possess. In preparation for the event, I spent my afternoons, training the students to march &, the evenings, training them to sing national songs, police songs & cadet songs. I had to go intensive because my students were totally unprepared. I didn't want them to be an embarrassment during the event. There will be other schools involved &, like

Go & Vote!!

I love my country. Although I have travelled around a little bit, the more places I see, the more I appreciate my home. I may be descended from pendatangs who came from China in dingy boats 3 generations ago. But, I still consider my home to be Malaysia. NOT China. I believe in God. I respect the King. I accept the rule of law. I speak Bahasa Melayu. Anuar Zain is my idol. I love sambal. I use -lah excessively. I have many brothers of different ethnicities. I want to call myself a Malaysian. NOT a Chinese. I want to see my country grow. Although I have studied in a faraway land, I decided to come back, stay & develop my country. Although I am very ambitious, I decided to serve my country deep in the jungle as a humble secondary school teacher. I am doing my little bit for my country every day. That's just the thing. We are only able to do a little bit. There are people who can make a BIG difference with a mere stroke of a pen. On Sunday, yo