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3 Monkeys' Weekend: Guna's Visit To Wellington

It's always great when monkeys get together. It was great when we got together in Malaysia. It was great when we got together in Australia. And it was great when we got together in Wellington! Even though we were 2 man short, we were not short of creativity & fun! Guna & Syahir dropped by for the weekend. Guna stayed with us & hung out with us while the snob, Syahir, chose to stay with Hadi and refused to hang out with us! He'd rather have the PS3 & flat screen TV! **HUH** We had fun without him anyway... lots and lots and LOTS of fun! Go Monkeys! I prepared 2 dinners for Guna during his stay. He chose to go for a vegetarian diet to mourn the loss of his grandmother so I whipped him up a nice vegetarian dinner not once, but TWICE ! On Friday night, we went to the well-known dessert restaurant, Strawberry Fare , for dessert after a fabulous vegetarian dinner I prepared. However, the restaurant dissapointed. Check out their reviews on dineout.c

My Rugby & Football Weekend

Last weekend I had the rare opportunity of watching a rugby game at a severly discounted price. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to watch a football game for free in the same weekend! Both games were at the majestic Westpac Stadium in Wellington CBD. The Air New Zealand Cup Rugby Match: Vodafone Wellington Lions vs North Harbour Rugby Union I watched the rugby game on Friday evening. I got tickets that were usually worth $40 for $10 through the subsidising of the International Student Council . Going to the rugby game was one of the many events organised & subsidised by the council. This is how a rugby pitch looks like... There are two sides in the game; both sides fielding 15 players. The objective of the game is to score tries. To score a try, a player has to bring the ball past the opposite end of the pitch; pretty much like scoring a touchdown in American Football. To be able to do that, you have to overcome certain obstacles, like the opposing team &a

My Trip To Rotorua

During the latest two week holiday off university, I had 4 things in mind. I wanted to (arranged in level of urgency): Do A Hot Springs Trip Do A Ski Trip Have an Idle Day or Two Finish the Linguistics Assignment due the Monday after the holidays In the two weeks, I managed to complete 3 out of my 4 objectives. Guess which ones I chose to complete as I describe each completed objective... My Hot Springs Trip The weather in Wellington was absolutely positively horrible during the month of August. It was cold & chilly with strong gales all day & night. I got worse as the end of winter drew near as the winds started to get stronger & cold hard rain started pouring. After hearing a few Japanese 人 rant about the weather & how 気持ちいい it feels to soak in a hot spa, I decided to try it out myself. After doing some research on the internet, I found that the best or most reputable place to do this would be in Rotorua, a small town in the middle of the North Island,