My Trip To Rotorua

During the latest two week holiday off university, I had 4 things in mind.
I wanted to (arranged in level of urgency):
  1. Do A Hot Springs Trip
  2. Do A Ski Trip
  3. Have an Idle Day or Two
  4. Finish the Linguistics Assignment due the Monday after the holidays
In the two weeks, I managed to complete 3 out of my 4 objectives.
Guess which ones I chose to complete as I describe each completed objective...

My Hot Springs Trip

The weather in Wellington was absolutely positively horrible during the month of August. It was cold & chilly with strong gales all day & night. I got worse as the end of winter drew near as the winds started to get stronger & cold hard rain started pouring.
After hearing a few Japanese 人 rant about the weather & how 気持ちいい it feels to soak in a hot spa, I decided to try it out myself.
After doing some research on the internet, I found that the best or most reputable place to do this would be in Rotorua, a small town in the middle of the North Island, 5-6 hours drive North of Wellington.
So in the late morning of a sunny Sunday on the 26 August, I picked up a Nissan from NZ Rent a Car & drove my way to Rotorua with a very special person.

In Rotorua, we stayed two nights at the Princess Gate Hotel.
The hotel is a historical building & it has really handsome interior & furniture.
It feels like stepping into a hotel in the 19th century! I was breathtakingly in awe!
I went when it was cheap too... off-peak season... hehehe...
I had an awesome time staying there.

This is a picture of us having dinner in Herbs restaurant, Rotorua.
During my time in Rotorua, I explored the town, visited retaurants & also went to the Mamaku Blue Winery.
You can read my reviews of this restaurant as well as the others I visited at
The Mamaku Blue Winery was slightly dissapointing. There as nothing special there. Some plants should have been planted to make the place look more attractive. It was a large estate with a small shop at the entrance selling the produce of the farm. They have got jam, jelly, juice, wine, liquer, ice cream & etc. All at premium prices. I got some jam for my family in Malaysia.

Finally, the highlight of my trip!
The Polynesian Spa is one of the top 10 spas in the world. Therefore, it is a natural choice for a first & last time traveller like myself.
The exterior of the building looks very good. It does make me want to go in for a soak. However, after exploring the different rooms in the building, the age of the building & the furniture becomes very obvious. They were somewhat worn out and in need of replacement or refurbishment.
Even though the asthetics were not pleasing, the hot spa did not dissapoint.
We were there in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. We took the "Lake Spa Deluxe" that overlooks Lake Rotorua &, at that time, the setting sun. The sky was a breathtaking blend of colourful shades! The view from the hot spas were magnificent. Enjoyed sitting in the exceedingly hot but somehow comforting water and staring into nothing...
Do becareful when you are in a hot spa though. Your body will slowly dehydrate. You will also feel light-headed after soaking too long. Have regular drinks of water and don't sit with your body in the water too long.

My Ski Trip

Photo taken from

I planned for a ski trip during the last weekend of my holiday. However, as I got closer to the date, I found that I needed the weekend to complete my assignment & do well in it.
I had to make an important choice. Assignment or ski trip.
In the last minute, I chose to cancel the trip, lose my deposit and concentrate on my assignment. I think it was worth it because the extra time helped a lot. I hope the result turns out ok...

2 Week Holiday Reflection

It was a good holiday with lots of relaxing, some academic work & some travelling. Going on the Rotorua trip was a good call and I had my first spa experience. Miyabi was a great companion too!
I'm glad I finished my assignment but I'm sad to miss the best ski period of the year. Spring is here & soon the snow will melt away. Uni has started so I don't have time to go. However, I believe I will have the chance to ski again in the future!

**Looking forward to a good remaining two months in Wellington!**

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