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Watch Me Write A TOEFL Independent Essay LIVE

If you're interested in getting 30/30 in TOEFL Writing, I'll show you how I did it . I'll do different questions every week LIVE!! Note: Do take into account the time difference , especially during EST/EDT . (In Malaysia, it's either Sunday at 8.30-9.30am [EST] or 9.30-10.30am [EDT].)      I teach/ tutor TOEFL in New York City &, when it comes to independent essays, some textbooks do not provide model essays. This is a major problem because I will have to come up with a model myself in order to show my students how a 5/5 TOEFL essay should look like. Since I have to write the model essays anyway, I might as well do it live so that those who do not have access to tutors may benefit too. Furthermore, since I'm doing it live, I might as well produce something authentic, i.e., limit myself to 30 minutes & do without modern word processing comforts like spellcheck & keyboard shortcuts as per the TOEFL test. This is how this program is going to wo