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Sibu, Song & Kapit Express Boat Schedule

Express boats look like jets without wings. They move at high speed on water. If you are not from the Kapit/Song/Belaga region, chances are you will not be familiar with the schedules of the express boat which are totally essential for travel. And it gets really frustrating when you want to plan your journey & all you can rely on is the memory of a local who may or may not be accurate. I sifted through a lot of gunk on the internet before I found a probably reliable schedule at . I've printed it out & pasted it on my wall. Here's a copy of the schedule for your reference. Vessel (From Sibu) ETD (Sibu) ETA (Song) ETA (Kapit) Asian Vision 0545 0745 0845 Success Vision 0615 0815 0915 Wah Wah No.3 0700 0900 1000 Sarawak Boleh 168 (Direct) 0730 - 1015 Khai Kiong Express 0830 1030 1130

Keep In Mind When Taking AirAsia's SkyBus

If you're travelling to Kuala Lumpur (KL) via AirAsia, the most economical way to get from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to KL is to take the 1hr SkyBus service. When you arrive at the airport, just walk out the sliding doors & look for a long stretch of waiting red & yellow buses. Get on one of the red buses waiting to leave for KL Sentral & pick a seat. The conductor will come along before the bus leaves & collect the fare. It costs RM9 on the bus & RM6.99 if you book it online as an add-on to your AirAsia flight. If you're like me, you enjoy the thought of saving even a few RM so you'll go for the add-on. The RM2 is better spent on nasi lemak anyway. However, if you're a young free spirit who relishes the thought of saving trees & the romantics of being paperless, you'll float onto a Sky Bus, plonk yourself on a plump seat, fling your boarding pass at the conductor & end up paying RM16 for the journey. Why? The cond

Earth Hour 2011 @ SMK Katibas

That's me on the far right! Last Saturday, 26 March 2011, I brought Earth Hour to the jungles of Borneo at SMK Katibas! As an educator of the future leaders of this interior area, I felt that the students here are unaware of the environmental impact of the actions of their community. The students come from longhouses located throughout the bank of the Katibas River. There is no proper waste management. Rubbish is casually thrown into the river . Including plastics, waste metal & domestic chemicals. The people live for the present & do not think of the future repercussions of their actions. Occasionally, they will poison/bomb/electrocute certain areas of the river for fish . They hunt wildlife for food & as a source of income. They hunt birds, monkeys, deers, wild boars & anything big enough to be eaten. Add logging & deforestation into the mix & we have a really bleak future for the local fauna. I addressed all these issues & more in