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The Impending Cohort 2 Reunion

An old video that will continue to entertain when the days get lonely... On this coming Saturday, 30 May, we will all be dressed up & gathered into a tiny hall. This reunion will definitely be an emotional one. Oh, how I've missed all of you! I miss... Nesa & his overblown ego Guna & his blurr Shim & his boasting BB & his overly wise words Nas & his emoness Hilmi & his love for boobies Syahir & his ash crack Star & his maggi mee Najib & his free xbox, ps3 & animae Manan & his big 2 Swan & his scratching Mien & his boxers Khairil & his high-pitched ranting Azhar & his magnet for gays Herry & his dancing in the dorm Zaini & his Zippo Hafis & his bag of bones Nisa' & her love for my name Madeline & her lack of exposure Julli & her sweetness Indra & her cut-you-to-pieces Rosyada & her bright smiles Wanee & her helpfulness Anne & her big lovely eyes Alin & he

PreGawai Celebration @ SMK Katibas

Last night, I attended my very first Hari Gawai celebration. It was held in school. Very interesting! For those of you who do not know, ' Gawai Dayak ' or ' Hari Gawai ' means 'Dayak festival'. 'Dayak' is the collective name for all the ethnic groups of Sarawak. Actual Hari Gawai celebrations begin from 31 May onwards. My school student demographic is 99.9% Iban. All the staff are Iban & a majority of the teachers are Iban too. So it was natural for a dinner to be held to celebrate this wondrous occasion. The turnout for the Dayak festival dinner was very encouraging. People of different backgrounds attended & enjoyed the tasty food. There was kari ayam, nasi pulut, rendang ayam & etc. Everything tasted so great! There was also the Iban ' Pansoh ' which was chicken + herbs cooked in bamboo. The lightly-seasoned chicken pieces were so tender & melt-in-your-mouth fantastic! When Iban men get togeth

It's Teachers' Day?

I was just informed that today is Teachers' Day in Malaysia! mymy~~ news does arrive very late here! My district-level Teachers' Day celebration is in 2 weeks time! hahaha~~ We ulu ppl are very much slower yea? Anyway, that is certainly something greatly deserved, fellow warriors of the classroom! A day when you are remembered for all your battles & wars. A day when you are honoured for taking all the scars & bleeding your blood for the little ones. A day when you can rest your weary body knowing that there is still something worth fighting for. May many young warriors rise up in place of those who have fallen or become too old. May they develop the perseverance & determination necessary for winning difficult wars. May they be open to wielding different weapons when battles require some creativity. May they fight for what is right & all that is praiseworthy. People should view teachers the same way... Happy Teachers' Day!

I was Robinson Crusoe TWICE

I love football. I love it so much, I'm mono-game-us. It's the only game I play. If there was a football competition, I'd be sure to join. Next month, there will be the PSKPP (Pesta Sukan & Kebudayaan Pegawai Pelajaran) & one of the sports events will be, of course, a football tournament. Trials are held beforehand to give hopefuls the chance to be selected for the Song district team. They will compete against teams from the other districts in Kapit. Then, select players will play for Kapit division against teams from the other divisions in Sarawak. The trials happened last Friday afternoon & Saturday morning. I attended both. Whether I was selected or not, I don't know yet. A letter will arrive at my school within the next 2 weeks with a name-list of those selected for the various sports & cultural activities. If I were to be called up, I shall answer my duty with great pride. If I were not, then I shall be glad to have tried. And I will tr

I Love Them Piggies

**WARNING: THIS POST IS NON-HALAL. THE IMAGES CONTAINED HEREIN MAY TRIGGER UNHEALTHY DESIRES.** There is a mega sale on pork meat at the moment. It's a supply & demand thing. The supply is currently more than the demand. Many aunties have been avoiding pork for fear of bringing home the H1N1 virus (also known as the infamous 'swine flu'). Well, I am here to tell you that your favourite meat, pork, is SAFE . The H1N1 flu is just like any other flu. It is transmitted through contact. And in this case, the H1N1 flu is transmitted from Human to Human contact. I repeat HUMAN TO HUMAN . Your fellow man is more dangerous than a piece of tender steaming flesh. The H1N1 flu can also be prevented just like any other type of flu. Have good personal hygiene & avoid places with a lot of people. And especially avoid Mexico, NZ & any other country with reported swine flu cases. There is no way that a dead piece of meat can ever infect you. Click here for more