Saturday, May 16

It's Teachers' Day?

I was just informed that today is Teachers' Day in Malaysia!
mymy~~ news does arrive very late here!
My district-level Teachers' Day celebration is in 2 weeks time!
hahaha~~ We ulu ppl are very much slower yea?

Anyway, that is certainly something greatly deserved, fellow warriors of the classroom!
A day when you are remembered for all your battles & wars.
A day when you are honoured for taking all the scars & bleeding your blood for the little ones.
A day when you can rest your weary body knowing that there is still something worth fighting for.

May many young warriors rise up in place of those who have fallen or become too old.
May they develop the perseverance & determination necessary for winning difficult wars.
May they be open to wielding different weapons when battles require some creativity.
May they fight for what is right & all that is praiseworthy.

People should view teachers the same way...

Happy Teachers' Day!

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