I Love Them Piggies


There is a mega sale on pork meat at the moment.
It's a supply & demand thing. The supply is currently more than the demand.
Many aunties have been avoiding pork for fear of bringing home the H1N1 virus (also known as the infamous 'swine flu').
Well, I am here to tell you that your favourite meat, pork, is SAFE.

The H1N1 flu is just like any other flu. It is transmitted through contact.
And in this case, the H1N1 flu is transmitted from Human to Human contact.
Your fellow man is more dangerous than a piece of tender steaming flesh.

The H1N1 flu can also be prevented just like any other type of flu.
Have good personal hygiene & avoid places with a lot of people.
And especially avoid Mexico, NZ & any other country with reported swine flu cases.
There is no way that a dead piece of meat can ever infect you.

Click here for more on the H1N1 flu:
Columbia University Health Services
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Here is some graphic motivation to get you inspired for a carnivorous hunt for pork!
Indulge away!

taken from seriouseats.com
Char Siu - the indisputable best of the best

taken from umami.typepad.com
Siu Yuk - an all time favourite

taken from harinair.wordpress.com
Dim Sum - the pork sushi

Char Siu Pao - soft & steamy with char siu inside!

taken from hipfood.wordpress.com
Siu Pao - crispy char siu filled tarts

taken from noobcook.com
Bak Kut Teh - the broth of champions

taken from rasamalaysia.com
Bak Kua - did you know that the best in the world is Malaysian?

taken from hubpages.com
Pork Ribs - sweet juicy meat off the bone

taken from mackmeats.com
Pork Roast - nothing hits the spot quite like it

Will I be awarded by the Malaysian Chamber of Pork Products for reconciling people with pork?
If you really exist, let me tell you that I don't need money, medals or publicity...
A lifetime supply of 'Char Siu' is more than good enough to make me very very happy!

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