The Impending Cohort 2 Reunion

An old video that will continue to entertain when the days get lonely...

On this coming Saturday, 30 May, we will all be dressed up & gathered into a tiny hall.
This reunion will definitely be an emotional one.
Oh, how I've missed all of you!

I miss...
Nesa & his overblown ego
Guna & his blurr
Shim & his boasting
BB & his overly wise words
Nas & his emoness
Hilmi & his love for boobies
Syahir & his ash crack
Star & his maggi mee
Najib & his free xbox, ps3 & animae
Manan & his big 2
Swan & his scratching
Mien & his boxers
Khairil & his high-pitched ranting
Azhar & his magnet for gays
Herry & his dancing in the dorm
Zaini & his Zippo
Hafis & his bag of bones
Nisa' & her love for my name
Madeline & her lack of exposure
Julli & her sweetness
Indra & her cut-you-to-pieces
Rosyada & her bright smiles
Wanee & her helpfulness
Anne & her big lovely eyes
Alin & her cheer
Norzie & her mushy wushiness
Di & her illusiveness
Tam & her LeeHom
Sayda & her eyeliner
Ainee & her braces
Fa & her heart
Dr Nurasiah & her sacrifices
Dr Lawrence & his loudness
Mr Manoharam & his moustache
Oh, and let's not forget Ah Tak & you know what!!

I'm leaving my school now...
My destination ----> KL

Be seeing you guys soon!
So looking forward to the "Teachers Gone Wild" party & the men-only Cohort 2 dinner.

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