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WTH?! Google Disabled My Account Last Night!!!

After getting back from a party with a few colleagues late last night, I sat on my hotel desk & looked up a few blogs I loaded up earlier. I proceeded to comment on one of them and guess what I found out? Google bloody disabled my ahkamkoko account! If you checked out my blog today, you would have received a "Server Not Found" error. WTH?!!! taken from This bird totally gets how I feel. I had a lot of Carlsberg last night (FOR FREE!!! I've got great friends.) but I was able to muster every last neuron in my brain to stare through the haze & focus on the few words that matter: 'click here to contact us'. I filled in a form where I had to fill in my google email, a contact email & a short description of what happened. I was mentally flabbergasted so I struggled in 3 sentences expressing my confusion at what happened & told them about this blog that I loved so much of which I have been actively maintaining for 6

Invigilating PMR @ SMK Kapit

For the past 2 weeks I was at SMK Kapit invigilating the PMR. I worked with a really great team & an awesome Head Invigilator who took good care of all of us. I made 2 good friends from SMK Song & took pictures with them. I recently discovered an imitation of this picture made by a few F3 students from the said school. They made a joke out of us & called us the 3 idiots but why did they go ahead & reproduce the same shot with similar effects? What does that make them? A wise man once said imitation is the purest form of flattery. I have to agree. It's very adorable of them. =) I stayed in Ark Hill Inn in a single room on the first night for RM45/night. Then, I moved into a 3 person room (1 Queen & 1 Single bed) with my 2 friends from SMK Song for RM75/night. You must be wondering so I'll be direct. Okay, I slept with a married man. But that's it. No hanky panky involved. The inn was clean, safe & the staff were friendly. However, a

My Views On The System

Let me be the first to admit that I am NOT an expert on the system nor I have spent years studying it by analysing demographics, statistics, stakeholder opinions & whatnot. I have, however, given the first 3 years of my best years & am still giving to serve in the interiors under this system. This is purely my opinion & observations. Do not mistake them for credible fact. Good People Leaving I am passionate. I work hard. I am idealistic. People like me are pure energy. All we need is direction & focus. We will be the laser that will shine through the darkest moments & cut through the toughest circumstances. We are the ones who can bring change. We are willing to suffer & even die for what we believe in. We are willing to work for you to make a difference. Sadly, over the years, I have seen many of my kind leave the service. Mostly due to frustration with the system. These people are not half-baked potatoes that give you diarrhoea. Many have found

English Week 2011 @ SMK Katibas

Hello & welcome to the highlight of my year... The English Week 2011 @ SMK Katibas! Compliments to the English Language Panel & the English Language Society for bringing an exciting week-long string of activities to the rural school which is SMK Katibas. Esp to Messrs George, Royston, Chieng, Ida, Hilda, Wesley, Florinoya & Gomez. During English Week this year, there were the staples of a time capsule, essay writing competition, treasure hunt, spelling bee, crossword puzzle competition &, the highlight of the week, English Night. There were also new additions such as the Opening Night, Sing-A-Long, Indoor Games Competition & Katibas Premier League Futsal Competition. There were plenty of photos & activities but I'll just highlight the activities that I was directly involved in. Time Capsule 2011 The support for this year's Time Capsule was better than last year. More students wrote in & it seems many were really into it & excited a