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Liga Remaja Kreatif: Jalur Lebar = Senyum Lebar (SMK Katibas)

The video has been mailed today & it will hopefully arrive safely in Cyberjaya tomorrow. I have high expectations for the video. I expect at least a consolation prize. Check it out at the bottom of this post, leave a comment & share it with your friends. If you have some extra time, do read the story of the production. This experience was quite an adventure for me & it really stretched my limits. I feel that I have improved personally & professionally after this ordeal. Last Thursday, an application form was anonymously left on my table. It was an application form for a Liga Remaja Kreatif video competition organised by the Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture. I was very interested but, after realising that the closing date was exactly 7 days later, I decided to put it into my thick folder of contest applications received way too late to do anything feasible (like on the day of the closing date or long after). This is the unfortunate fate of ma

Help My School's Video Production

Last Thursday, I received a letter on my table about a Liga Remaja Kreatif video competition. I took a look at the theme: "Jalur Lebar untuk 1Malaysia" Then, images & ideas naturally started pouring into my head as if God opened up a floodgate of infinite creativity & imagination. I was pumping & ready to get on to it. Then, I saw the due date... Monday, 30 August. Which meant I had to courier it on Friday, 27 August. Meaning I have only 7 days to do the scripting, casting, shooting, music & editing. Initially, I decided to forget about it. But one sleepless night was a good enough sign from the heavens that this was something I had to do. When opportunity comes your way, you grab it with both hands & then some. This is a part of the production that I cannot do on my own. Please help the production by sending this person a friend request on Facebook. [The production is complete so this Facebook account has since been closed.] Please

How Many Mosqitoes Do You Kill In One Week?

taken from I absolutely hate mosquitoes. There is no insect in the world I hate more than the buzzing little pest that discreetly sucks your blood & after satisfying her lust, leaves a "Mozzie's wuz here" on your skin for you to scratch on. (No sexual innuendo intended.) I loathe them. But they love me. Seriously, I'm the mozzie magnet. My friends would sit close to me so that the mozzies will bypass them & suck on me instead. I've always wanted to be a chick magnet but it seems I've attracted the females of the wrong species. Whenever I see one of them flying around, I get into a frenzy. I'd get into a clapping position & home in on these b**tards like a missile. I'd clap away until I've killed at least one of them & then chase the others until they've escaped or I've squished every last of them. One day, after killing 5 mozzies naked in the bathroom during an afternoon shower, I a

NKRA Rating For SMK Katibas

Many have asked me for this & I have only found out recently. To all you better funded, better situated & better staffed secondary schools with 24hrs of electricity, read this & weep! The KPM secondary school NKRA rating for SMK Katibas is 729 out of 2237 secondary schools in Malaysia! Don't think that we have it easy though... This school has been a performer for many years prior to this rating system & even prior to my arrival. All this is achieved from sheer hard work, dedication & determination of the educators serving at the school. Don't think that the school receives select students like certain high performing schools do. This school receives 130+ Form 1 students from the deep interiors each year. Half of them do not pass UPSR. Better students will leave for more urban schools & then come back when they have developed discipline problems. Actually, this schools gets a lot of 'rejects' every year. Despite the circumstances, al

Will Climb Windows For Food

taken from Once upon a time, there lived a young rabbit named Yellow. Yellow had just finished a degree at Rabbit University and decided to be a teacher so he could help the children in Farmlaysia to learn & love the English language. He was immediately accepted & sent to a school in a magical forest. Upon arrival, he met all the farm animals who staffed of the school. There were hornbills, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats & other rabbits too. Everyone was very friendly & Yellow wanted to form good relationships with every one of them. Yellow was very excited & he couldn't wait to make a difference at the school. The other rabbits were the friendliest to him. There were 3 other rabbits teaching at that school, Copper, Navy & White. Yellow went to live in the same house with Copper & was next door neighbours to Navy & White. On his first week, they prepared him dinner & they spent a lot of time together getting to