Help My School's Video Production

Last Thursday, I received a letter on my table about a Liga Remaja Kreatif video competition.
I took a look at the theme: "Jalur Lebar untuk 1Malaysia"
Then, images & ideas naturally started pouring into my head as if God opened up a floodgate of infinite creativity & imagination.
I was pumping & ready to get on to it.

Then, I saw the due date... Monday, 30 August.
Which meant I had to courier it on Friday, 27 August.
Meaning I have only 7 days to do the scripting, casting, shooting, music & editing.

Initially, I decided to forget about it.
But one sleepless night was a good enough sign from the heavens that this was something I had to do.
When opportunity comes your way, you grab it with both hands & then some.

This is a part of the production that I cannot do on my own.
Please help the production by sending this person a friend request on Facebook.
[The production is complete so this Facebook account has since been closed.]

Please tell all your friends to help too!

Will share the story & the completed work next weekend!

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