Monday, August 9

NKRA Rating For SMK Katibas

Many have asked me for this & I have only found out recently.
To all you better funded, better situated & better staffed secondary schools with 24hrs of electricity, read this & weep!
The KPM secondary school NKRA rating for SMK Katibas is 729 out of 2237 secondary schools in Malaysia!

Don't think that we have it easy though...
This school has been a performer for many years prior to this rating system & even prior to my arrival.
All this is achieved from sheer hard work, dedication & determination of the educators serving at the school.

Don't think that the school receives select students like certain high performing schools do.
This school receives 130+ Form 1 students from the deep interiors each year. Half of them do not pass UPSR. Better students will leave for more urban schools & then come back when they have developed discipline problems.

Actually, this schools gets a lot of 'rejects' every year.
Despite the circumstances, all of them are rehabilitated through rigid & sometimes harsh discipline. Then, they are drilled with extra classes, extra attention, doomsday messages, motivation programmes & mountains of exercises into pass achievers.
A handful will achieve As.

Congratulations, teachers & staff of SMK Katibas.
Although your many years of self-imposed slavery are not recognised by much of the academic world, it makes a world of difference for the students under your care.
I will do my best with what small influence this insignificant blog has to let your light shine for the whole world to see.

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