NKRA Rating For SMK Katibas

Many have asked me for this & I have only found out recently.
To all you better funded, better situated & better staffed secondary schools with 24hrs of electricity, read this & weep!
The KPM secondary school NKRA rating for SMK Katibas is 729 out of 2237 secondary schools in Malaysia!

Don't think that we have it easy though...
This school has been a performer for many years prior to this rating system & even prior to my arrival.
All this is achieved from sheer hard work, dedication & determination of the educators serving at the school.

Don't think that the school receives select students like certain high performing schools do.
This school receives 130+ Form 1 students from the deep interiors each year. Half of them do not pass UPSR. Better students will leave for more urban schools & then come back when they have developed discipline problems.

Actually, this schools gets a lot of 'rejects' every year.
Despite the circumstances, all of them are rehabilitated through rigid & sometimes harsh discipline. Then, they are drilled with extra classes, extra attention, doomsday messages, motivation programmes & mountains of exercises into pass achievers.
A handful will achieve As.

Congratulations, teachers & staff of SMK Katibas.
Although your many years of self-imposed slavery are not recognised by much of the academic world, it makes a world of difference for the students under your care.
I will do my best with what small influence this insignificant blog has to let your light shine for the whole world to see.


  1. Oh my God! That'a really awesome. Kudos to the team working their ass off everyday.

    Is there, like, a website for these rankings?

  2. Anonymous10/8/10 20:00

    Never expect to be praised - it is never forthcoming. Just be happy that you know you are doing your best for yourself and your students. You will be blessed abundantly...

  3. Vio: Yes, our government is going the way of the information age. However, this website is password protected & only accessible by the principal.

    Arthur: I've grown beyond looking for praise. It's too shallow.
    I'm trying not to work for praise but to work for my dreams.

  4. Gah. Thanks for the information, anyway.

  5. hey there.. i assume u work in smk katibas?
    haha i work in one of the afore described schools.. selected students, well linked to roads, full facilities, lots of plastic flowers and big sofas included.. ahhaha i forgot our ranking tho.. somewhere well decent i think..

    As the exams draw close, it's so apparent that teacher give so much just to see their students improve, just to help them have a better future..

    it's so beautiful , what teachers do

  6. Congrat..i jus wanna know what kind of techniques,that apply on ur school..actually,we r facing d same scenario in our scholl,receiving "Reject"..

  7. May: I hope that you are making the best of the facilities at your school because a majority in the country do not enjoy the same amenities.
    Hate to see all the potential go to waste.

    Nizam: Why dont you tell me about your school first.
    Then, we can talk about bringing a group of your students to our ulu setting or bringing a group of our students to your school.


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