Saturday, February 16

Dear Rural Secondary Schools in Sarawak, Need A Volunteer SPM BI Speaker?

Dear rural Secondary Schools in Sarawak, do you need an SPM speaker to deliver tips for the BI paper?

I may not be a guru pakar or guru cemerlang, but I have some experience working with rural students & helping them to do better in SPM. Also, I'm willing to COME to you. When I was a teacher at SMK Katibas, it was really difficult for me to find guru pakar/cemerlang/JU/etc who were willing to go all the way into the jungle to deliver talks for my students. If this is also the reality at your school, keep reading. I want to speak at your school!

Monday, January 14

Perlu Ke Pembantu Mengajar Untuk Cikgu Sekolah Menengah?

Perlu Ke Pembantu Mengajar Untuk Cikgu Sekolah Menengah?
Do Secondary School Teachers Really Need Teaching Assistants?

Para guru sekolah menengah di seluruh Malaysia sekalian,

Baru-baru ini, Jawatankuasa Kajian Dasar (JKD) telah membuka ruang untuk orang awam memberi cadangan. Teringin juga untuk saya mengemukakan beberapa cadangan, tetapi memandangkan saya seorang guru tanpa anugerah apa-apa dan hanya bergred DG41, mungkin cadangan saya akan diketawakan dan tidak dipeduli.

Jadi, demi menguatkan cadangan saya, maklum balas anda (para guru sekolah menengah seluruh Malaysia) untuk menjawab sebuah kajian selidik amatlah dihargai.

Bolehlah isi sambil tunggu kopi/teh minum pagi ataupun waktu bersantai dalam t***. Pautan kajian selidik ini adalah :-

Kalau boleh, luangkan sedikit masa untuk membaca ulasan saya tentang hal ini

Wednesday, January 2

"Saya Memang Selalu Sindir Cikgu..."

Credit: Olaf Meyer

Hari ini hari pertama persekolahan tahun 2019. Saya Guru Tingkatan kelas Tingkatan 5 yang paling hujung. Kelas itu semua pelajar lelaki. Tahun lepas saya mengajar mereka BI & mereka merupakan kelas yang paling mencabar untuk saya.

Hari pendaftaran adalah semalam (1/1/2019) tetapi hanya separuh sahaja yang datang, jadi kami hanya isi borang & atur kelas. Hari ini (2/1/2019) PdP seperti biasa & waktu petang mereka ada latihan sukan, jadi tidak ada masa untuk ada mesyuarat kelas.

Hampir semua pelajar kelas saya tinggal dalam asrama sekolah, jadi saya memilih untuk meluangkan masa untuk bermesyuarat dengan mereka pada waktu sesi belajar malam. Saya tak nak ganggu waktu aktiviti mereka yang lain & malam ini paling sesuai sebab belum lagi ada banyak kerja rumah.

Saya bertolak awal dari rumah saya & pada pukul 7.15pm saya sudah memanggil mereka untuk turun cepat dari asrama. Pada 7.30pm, saya masuk semua kelas dan minta mereka bagi kerjasama & senyap walaupun saya bukan waden / guru bertugas. Saya tak nak ada ganguan untuk mesyuarat kita.

Pada hampir pukul 9pm, saya mengakhiri mesyuarat kelas saya dengan menyatakan bahawa saya gembira menjadi Guru Tingkatan mereka & saya berharap tahun ini akan menjadi tahun terbaik buat mereka. Terdapat beberapa orang pelajar yang suka membebel waktu saya bercakap jadi saya pun mintalah kerjasama semua & saling menghormati.

Seorang pelajar tiba-tiba menjawab, "Respect?! I don't understand... What is respect?" Saya menjawab hanya dengan renungan yang bertanya, "Okay, dah puas?" Tiba-tiba dia berdiri & mengumumkan dengan suara yang kuat, "Sebenarnya, saya nak mengaku... Saya memang selalu sindir cikgu." Dia pandang kawan-kawannya. Mereka tidak ketawa, jadi dia pun berjalan mendekati saya & mengulang sekali lagi dengan nada yang menyindir, "Saya nak minta MAAF lah, cikgu. Saya betul-betul BANYAK menyindir cikgu dengan kawan-kawan saya." Dia memandang kawan-kawannya lagi tapi mereka tidak ketawa. Tiba-tiba dia ambil tangan saya, salam, goyang dengan kuat, dan cium dengan bunyi yang sengaja dikuatkan, "MuuuuuuAH! MuuuuuuuAH!"

Apabila kawan-kawannya tidak memberikan sambuatan yang dikehendakinya, dia pun pegang bahu saya dengan kuat & mengumumkan, "Maafkan saya cikgu, ya? Saya INSAF ni." Tidak ada sambutan. Dia pula main tarik-tarik dengan bahu saya, "Saya minta maaf ya cikgu. Saya nak berUBAH tahun ini." Tidak ada sambuatan. Dia pun kembali ke tempat duduknya dengan bangga.

Air mata. Oh hatiku.

Saturday, October 20

That Look You Get When (Some) People Find Out You're A Teacher

On the rare occasion that I'm invited to speak at an event, I dress accordingly. I like to think that I dress well for these events. I mean, I try 2-3 different outfit combinations & ask my wife, who's busy doing her eyes, if I look "speaker-ish". She'd glance away from her round cosmetic mirror for a quick look & always have great suggestions from my limited collection. I am after all a teacher, not a fashion model. Sometimes I do wish that stores will give me free clothes for me to promote on Instagram. I really don't mind tight body-hugging clothing & exposing some of muh man boobs. **sizzle** If you run a fashion label, do holla at me, y'alls!

So I went to this event, right, &, of course, the VVIPs, they spoke first. These VVIPs had their entourage & all following them everywhere like rats following the pied piper. Unfortunately, lunch was at the cafe on the ground floor so, even though, the speakers got to leave first with the VVIPs, pied piper & co fully occupied the elevators.

Since I had to wait, I made conversation with some of my fellow wait-ers. When a lift arrived, I stood next to this dashing young man in a well-fitted blazer & matching trousers. We exchanged small talk about the weather, hobbies, travel, etc. Interesting & lively conversation. However, soon, as is typical in Malaysia, he eventually asked me what I did for a living. I told him the truth. What happened after that was a change of epic proportions.

Monday, September 24

How To Avoid AirAsia's Payment Processing Fees

You'll need to wait for your BigPay card to arrive before you can use the account.
If you're interested, here's a referral code for both you & me to get RM10: UDCH2X8A8G

Being the frugal teacher I am, I don't really care about which airline I use. I just want the cheapest one. 9 times out of 10, AirAsia has the cheapest fares. Despite getting the cheapest fare with AirAsia, it still pains me to fork out an additional RM4.24 for the "Processing Fee" just because I opted to pay with Online Banking or a Credit/Debit Card. Over time, the RM4.25 can add up to quite a bit. If you travel once a month, that's RM4.25 x 2 flights x 12 months = RM102 / year. It's a tax on the lazy. I've been paying this lazy tax for the past 5 years, so Tony's pocketed at least RM510 of my hard earned cash that I could have put towards a lean mean espresso machine. Since I would be booking flights for both myself & my family members, I decided that enough was enough.

Thus, I looked into BigPay, which is basically AirAsia's prepaid credit card service.
  1. Knowing that I'd get RM10, I sought out a random referral code on Facebook. If you're signing up too, pretty please use my referral code, UDCH2X8A8G, so we can both get RM10.
  2. I downloaded the BigPay app to my phone & signed up via the app. Note that to verify my IC, I had to upload a photograph of my IC & a selfie.
  3. I waited around 7 working days for the BigPay Mastercard to arrive at my address in Kuching.
  4. Activated the card on my BigPay app.
  5. I booked a return flight today & it worked! No processing fee!

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