Building Vocabulary While Preparing For SPM

SPM preparations begin immediately. My students have less than 4 months before their SPM & many do not have access to tuition or educational support aside from what they get from school. Meanwhile, we need to be cognizant of their mental well-being & ease their return to school. Many admitted to not studying at all during the MCO.

I've slowed down the pace in my lessons & avoided putting pressure on my kids. I'm figuring out how to make lessons a little more interactive while adhering to SOPs. Will share my ideas here when I can. Used to be I didn't take photos of my activities. Then, I got accused of not doing HIP because I didn't have "evidence" published on Google Sites for "pemantauan jarak jauh."

Still not doing Google Sites, because it's not my job to help the pemantau. It's actually their job to help me, or am I working for communists? I'm already losing my mind trying to impact my kids. If you don't want to help, just leave us alone please. I need to keep my priorities straight. If they want evidence, I'll share on Instagram & Facebook so fellow teachers can chime in & improve the ideas.

1) In this SPM-based Reading lesson, while answering the questions, students choose 1 new word from each question. If we addressed every new word, we won't finish until the next day. Let students decide. If they chose the words, wouldn't they pay more attention to the explanations?

2) Divide the board into 8 sections, one for each question. Students choose 3 words from their list & take turns to write them in the respective sections.

3) While/before/after going through the reading passage, discuss the new vocabulary. You may also address key vocabuary during the discussion. Students are expected to note down definitions/translations in their books/worksheets.

How do you address new vocabulary in your lessons? Do share!

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