My Hopes: Speaking Activity Featuring Sticky Notes

What did you do during your first class?

First thing I did with my classes is to get them to think forward. I saw a bunch of embarrassed & guilty faces as I walked in. But we don't have time to dwell in the past & how they've made a fool out of me during PdPR.

We shared about our hopes & I focused them on the massive mission they had ahead, acing SPM.

1. Give each student a sticky note.
2. Students write down their names & their hopes.
3. After finishing, they paste their hopes on the whiteboard.

Follow up:

  • For less proficient students, they just read their friends' hopes & give positive supporting remarks.
  • For more proficient students, they have to ask a question to the classmate, listen to the response, before giving a positive remark.

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