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Put Your Hands Up If You Hate Bus Rides

taken from I hate bus rides... but I'm too much of a beggar to be able to choose something better. Last Thursday, I had the worst bus ride ever from Sibu-Kuching (est 6hrs). Have a read & cringe at the horrors I endured. As I got on the bus & walked down the aisle, I discovered to my great chagrin that I got the back seat. Those of you who have never taken a bus before (rich baskets!) would think that back seats are great because they're wider & they've got a good view. NOT! Seasoned travellers like myself would beg to differ. They actually put FIVE people in the back seat! Talk about invasion of personal space! And let's not discuss personal hygiene & pheromones. I planned to pass the time reading but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Why? Because I was seated in the back seat. I totally felt every bump, lump, molehill & pothole on the bloody freaking lousy as road. Imagine trying to read while you're bouncing up & down

You Can Help Me Choose!

I am very ambitious & my eyes are often bigger than my belly. At this moment, I have too much on my plate & I need to downsize. Initially, I set a goal to complete all 3 personal projects within this year alone. On top of my daily huff & puff, I wanted to produce a School Magazine, a School Documentary & an Action Research. However, after 1 month of teaching, I realised that this goal is a little too far fetched due the limited amount of resources I have to spare after taking into consideration the 'responsibilities' I have been given this year. Doing only 1 fits comfortably into my schedule but I want to stretch my abilities. Therefore, I have decided to choose 2 out of the 3. The problem is they are all equally important & exciting to undertake so I just cannot decide which one to scrap. This is where you come in. Read about all 3 projects & help me choose which one to do. The polls will run for 4 weeks from today. School Magazine

Happy 2010 Chinese New Year

It's Chinese New Year & I do admit that as I grow older, I look forward to this celebration even more. With each passing year, my reasons to celebrate stack up like wrinkles. Call me old fashioned but I love returning home to my parent's house to have a reunion with my siblings. Every time I return, they grow a little more &, one fine day, they will have flown the coop. One particular highlight is going out as a family & visiting relatives during CNY. I especially love visiting the older frailer ones who once played a part in the story of my life. Every year, they turn greyer & greyer. It's as if a cold permanent winter is slowing setting into their lives. They have very little time left in this world. Is it too much to spend a just few minutes with them each year? I love sitting next to them, looking carefully at them, touching their beautiful white hair, their lovely wrinkly skin, staring into those big blank familiar eyes & reminiscing the

Where In The World Is SMK Katibas?

For those of you who are curious... or maybe you're cursing your luck because you've just been posted to this school... or maybe you're here to have a holiday while invigilating for our public examinations... or maybe your a big shot official with a super secret mission to check out my school & it's the first time in your life you've ever heard of such a peculiar name... or maybe you just don't care but had nothing better to do... Well, whatever your intentions, here is a rough map of where SMK Katibas is as well as several other schools along the river (SK Nanga Nyimoh, SK Musah, SK Nanga Nansang, SK Nanga Janan, SK Lubok Bedil, SK Nanga Bangkit, SK Tan Sri Jugah, SK Nanga Engkuah & SK Lubok Ipoh): How do you get to SMK Katibas? First, you drive or take a flight or a bus ride to Sibu . In Sibu, make your way to the Express Boat Wharf (near the Sibu Market). Hitch a ride on an Express Boat that stops by Song on it's way to Kapit . If