Happy 2010 Chinese New Year

It's Chinese New Year & I do admit that as I grow older, I look forward to this celebration even more.
With each passing year, my reasons to celebrate stack up like wrinkles.
Call me old fashioned but I love returning home to my parent's house to have a reunion with my siblings.
Every time I return, they grow a little more &, one fine day, they will have flown the coop.

One particular highlight is going out as a family & visiting relatives during CNY.
I especially love visiting the older frailer ones who once played a part in the story of my life.
Every year, they turn greyer & greyer. It's as if a cold permanent winter is slowing setting into their lives.
They have very little time left in this world.
Is it too much to spend a just few minutes with them each year?

I love sitting next to them, looking carefully at them, touching their beautiful white hair, their lovely wrinkly skin, staring into those big blank familiar eyes & reminiscing the good old days when they were younger & stronger.
The little bits of memories we share will continue to live long after they've gone.

Remember your family members this Chinese New Year.
Blood is indeed the thickest.
Children, dont make such a big fuss when your parents make you go visiting with them on the first & second days of CNY
Get your priorities right. Family comes before friends.
Friends will come & go. But family will always be there whenever you need them the most.

On a lighter note, enjoy this CNY video from the infamous NameWee.

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